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Will the characters from 'Big Hero 6' ever come to the MCU? Read on to learn how we think it could happen.

Here’s why we deserve to see the ‘Big Hero 6’ characters join the MCU

Big Hero 6 is a great movie, if a bit underrated in the realm of superhero films. Based on the Marvel comic of the same name, the 2014 animated film takes place in San Fransokyo following robotics prodigy, Hiro Hamada, and his deceased big brother Tadashi’s friends as they become superheroes in order to avenge Tadashi’s death and save the day. 

The film proved to be popular enough to get an animated series, Big Hero 6: The Series. Ultimately, however, the Marvel property hasn’t gotten any mention in the MCU. It does make sense as Big Hero 6 is largely removed as both an animated film and one that clearly takes place in the future/in another dimension. (As any fan knows, Disney made major changes when making the film from the comic that it is based on.)

But, however, there was a rumor that perked up all Marvel fan’s ears. One said that the characters from Big Hero 6 would make their debut in the MCU. Unfortunately, Variety shot that rumor down, having confirmed with Marvel Studios that there are no plans to bring the characters into live-action at this time. But . . . now that we are thinking about it, we wouldn’t mind seeing the Big Hero 6 characters in the MCU.

Would it really be that hard? (Also head’s up, we’re spoiling something from WandaVision. You’ve been warned.) 

Short answer? No, it wouldn’t be.

As we said, Disney made some major changes in regards to bringing Big Hero 6 to the big screen. The one has to do with the location, the original comic series is set in Japan. So if you want to have it set in the world of the MCU? It’s not a bad idea to just set it in Tokyo and go from there. As for advanced robotics? Well, the team is full of extremely bright prodigies, it’s enough to explain.

Add in characters like Tony Stark and Helen Cho existing in the MCU? We could buy a group of students being inspired by them and making their own vigilante superhero group. It’s not like Marvel is turning away from STEM-based heroes. We have Armor Wars & Ironheart in the works over at the MCU. Adding in Big Hero 6 wouldn’t be that far removed.

It would be easy enough to meet halfway between characters from the animated film & the comics to bring them to the MCU. It’s a diverse group of people who are working together to fight crime and help people, which is what we want to see more of in Hollywood anyway, especially in big franchises. 

But what about the movie?

If Disney just wants the animated film to be canon, then Marvel has a great way to bring it to the live-action without compromising anything: the Nexus. It’s what WandaVision is building to: an introduction to the Nexus of All Realities, which is essentially Marvel’s version of the multiverse. 

With it being a key part of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Spider-Man 3 (who knows what the title is actually), and WandaVision, it’s any easy way to bring characters from other Marvel properties into the MCU. Using the Nexus, it’s easy to bring these characters from the animated Big Hero 6 movie into live-action for like a cameo or something.

Because you know that next giant team-up movie is going to involve the multiverse. So might as well see if Marvel can top the insane amount of crossovers that we’ve seen on Crisis on Infinite Earths, you know? We believe in you, Marvel! Bring us live-action Big Hero 6, please! 

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