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5 Tips for Marketing Your Film or TV Show

IMDB estimates that since 1990, about 2577 films have been produced each year. With thousands of films and TV shows being produced every day, your work can get lost in the sea of new content. The only way to get an audience and make a good return on investment is through marketing and promotion.

But what are the best strategies for marketing your film or TV show?  

It all boils down to utilizing free platforms and investing some money in paid marketing. You might lack the budget and resources big production houses have, but the following tips will help you market your new project. 

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms bring like-minded people from different corners of the world together. There are fan pages, Facebook groups, and discussion forums, and more. You have endless options to market your film or TV show. Create a dedicated page for your project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. Post engaging content such as posters, artwork, memes, hashtags, and clips that will inform your target audience of your new project.

Another way to build a following on social platforms is through crowdfunding. If your movie is in the initial stages of production, set up a donation drive to raise funds and to make fans invest in your project.

Make a Trailer

One of the best methods of triggering suspense and eagerness in your target audience is by creating a trailer. Make it engaging and give the audience a preview of what they should expect. A trailer should leave the viewer yearning to watch the whole film or TV show, so do your best. Post the trailer on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms that permit longer videos. The trick in marketing films and shows is to start early, so even if the project is in the initial stages, post something that will ignite suspense and eagerness in the viewers.

Create a Website

Create a dedicated website for your project and publish blog posts about the project, funding, press releases, cast news, and promotional content. Hire a graphic designer to create eye-catching graphics that trigger interest in your project. You can also create guest blog posts on other upcoming projects.

Go Big on Media Marketing

Part of the target audience may see the blog posts, online trailers, or memes on social media and still feel unmotivated about watching the film or show. Marketing through avenues such as newspapers, radio, TV commercials, and film events may give them the push they need. This type of marketing may have you digging deeper into your pockets, so have a funding plan. Quick online loans may come in handy at such times. Explore your options by searching for “fast cash now” online and select the one that works for you.

Get People Talking

You can use social media to make your content go viral. If you don’t have many followers, partner with a public figure or influencer. If you want people to talk about your project and watch it, partner with a person with a huge following so they can endorse or mention your film. It may be a famous actor, an influencer, a sportsperson, or a politician. Not sure how to approach an influencer? Get some insights here.

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