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Consider how Hollywood markets animal movies to win over our hearts and minds with examples from 'Dolittle' and 'Air Bud'.

Are you looking for a sustainable approach to fast cash? Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways to make money online than before. Here's how.

To attract customers, you have to do more than simply introducing them to your business, product, or brand. You must make them fall in love with it!

Jaymin Shah and his company SocialGrid are making waves in the social media management world. We chat with the businessman to see what inspired his business and get

The world of Internet marketing is still foreign and unknown to a lot of big companies. Influencer and entreprenuer Jaymin Shah is stepping up to the plate and

Let’s take a look at the most genius movie marketing ploys in history to remind ourselves of the most effective ways to grab attention.

Studios spend millions on marketing strategy for big releases, but there’s nothing like free media coverage to launch a movie into the public spotlight.

What can indie film-makers do to ensure their project creates a buzz? Here's everything you need to know about modern marketing.

In Part 1, we explored the nuts and bolts of how to formulate your plan to find readers for your script. Now let’s make some pals and build