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Has Angelina Jolie moved on from Brad Pitt? Uncover the story and find out if The Weeknd might be her new boyfriend after their recent outing.

Could The Weeknd be Angelina Jolie’s first boyfriend after messy divorce?

The days of Brangelina may be over, but the public interest in the original Tomb Raider’s love life hasn’t wavered a bit. As celebrity gossip gets more coat-throat by the day, with Instagram tea pages competing with the National Inquirers of the world, it’s becoming easier than ever to keep up with our favorite celebs. 

The majesty of Brangelina is ever-lasting, but fans are beginning to picture a future in which Brad & Angelina live separately.

The latest news has fans wondering if Angelina Jolie has moved on from Brad Pitt, saying she might even have a new boyfriend. Of course, this tea begs an obvious question: who could possibly fill the massive shoes of Brad Pitt? We dug around publications across the board to find out what the story is with Angelina Jolie and a possible new boyfriend. Here’s what we’ve found.


Daily Mail reported on Sunday that Angelina Jolie was seen stepping out for a romantic dinner date with The Weeknd on Saturday. 

The two were spotted at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California. Reports say the two superstars spent two & a half hours in a private section of the swanky Italian joint. There have already been rumors circulating about Angelina Jolie & The Weeknd, and now their recent outing has fans wondering if The Weeknd is Jolie’s new boyfriend.

Perhaps Jolie & The Weeknd, AKA Abel Tesfaye, don’t want their relationship publicized, as reports are showing the two showed up separately to the fancy restaurant. Angelina Jolie arrived at 8:05 PM alone, but was snapped by paparazzi leaving the Italian eatery with Tesfaye after the two ate. Furthermore, the two didn’t end their night together after dinner was finished.

After party

Reports say Jolie & The Weeknd were spotted leaving Giorgio Baldi and getting into The Weeknd’s ride together after eating. The Weeknd had a black SUV waiting for the two A-listers who left together, failing to blend in with any crowds in their matching black garb. 

Angelina Jolie wore a jet black trench coat when the two were spotted, with both black heels and a matching black face mask. The Weeknd matched his date, wearing a black jacket with white liner stitching, black jeans, black boots, and his own matching black face mask.

Not only did Jolie & Tesfaye leave Giorgio Baldi in Tesfaye’s SUV, but also reports say they headed to The Weeknd’s house after they ate together. The two left the fancy Italian restaurant to head to the no-doubt even fancier location of The Weeknd’s $70 million mansion in Bel-Air. 

The latest outing spotting Jolie & The Weeknd has fans wondering if Tesfaye is Angelina Jolie’s new boyfriend, but is this the only outing they’re basing the claim off of? 

Summer lovin’

Fans have been speculating The Weeknd is Angelina Jolie’s new boyfriend for some time now. That’s right, folks – they’ve been spotted out together even before their recent romantic Italian dinner. In fact, their recent date isn’t even the first time they’ve been spotted at Giorgio Baldi together.

Reports say Jolie & The Weeknd have been seen together in public since early this summer. The two were first spotted out in the world together at Giorgio Baldi on June 30th, and the rumors about the possible couple haven’t stopped since.

Angelina Jolie has had one of the most public romantic records of any celeb in recent years. From her days with Billy Bob Thornton, to becoming one of Hollywood’s signature power couples with Brad Pitt, there’s seldom been a dull moment in Jolie’s love life. 

So, is The Weeknd Jolie’s new boyfriend? We can’t say for certain yet. However, we can pretty much guarantee as soon as she drops a clue to her massive following, the headlines will let the public know in no time.

Who is your favorite celebrity couple? Sound off in the comments below!

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