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'Halloween Kills' will be hitting theaters this October! Here are the craziest moments from the Halloween franchise with Jamie Lee Curtis!

‘Halloween’ with Jamie Lee Curtis: Revisit the iconic horror franchise

Forget Freddy vs. Jason! No horror franchise can ever beat the quintessential Halloween movies! Ever since 1978, Michael Myers has been slicing & dicing teenagers for our demented enjoyment. We can even expect another addition to the iconic franchise this year with Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills will be hitting theaters this October, but before then, let’s revisit the franchise’s best moments! From being burnt to a crisp to being karate chopped by Busta Rhymes, Michael Myers always seems to return. Here are the craziest moments from the Halloween franchise!

Halloween (1978)

In 1978, the world was introduced to the legendary “Scream Queen”, Jamie Lee Curtis. John Carpenter’s insanely low-budget breakout film started an era of teen slasher horror films! Halloween follows Laurie Strode as she tries to survive Halloween night when an escaped murderer terrorizes Haddonfield, Illinois. 

We can all agree that the film’s earliest scare, when Michael escapes, remains chilling even today! The imagery of escaped Asylum inmates roaming a deserted road in the middle of a rainy night is terrifying enough. That’s until the psychotic killer decides to climb on the car and horrify its driver!

Of course, nothing beats the film’s final scare when Michael unknowingly rises from the dead after being stabbed with a wire hanger! Laurie Strode thinks she’s free from danger while Michael slowly stalks his prey. We get chills just thinking about it!

Halloween II (1981)

Although released three years later, Halloween II takes place the same night Michael Myers began his massacre in Haddonfield. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode who is sent to the hospital for her countless wounds (and hysteria). Except, after Michael survives his bullet wounds, he slaughters his way through the hospital to find Laurie!

Watching Laurie Strode fight to stay awake because she knows Michael will return fills us with terror even now! One of the best kills in Halloween II has to be the infamous hot tub scene. Michael was pretty messed up for boiling someone alive but we must admit it remains memorable to say the least. 

The film’s finale ends on a fairly traumatizing note. After Dr. Loomis sets fire to both himself & Michael, the killer slowly walks out of the fiery blaze still alive! However, after a few moments, Michael slowly collapses to his death. 

Halloween: H2O (1998)

We can all agree the Halloween franchise certainly took a dive storywise after Halloween II. That’s why we’re going to move past Halloween III, IV, V, and Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Additionally, all of these films didn’t include the fan-favorite Jamie Lee Curtis.

Halloween: H2O marks the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, now a mother & headmistress of a private school. This film also stars Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, and Janet Leigh. Leigh’s presence is remarkable not only for being Curtis’ mother but also for being the original “Scream Queen” in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

We also can’t forget LL Cool J’s performance as the durable security guard who’s also an aspiring romance novelist! On a more serious note, the film features some gnarly kill scenes that remain top-notch. We won’t be forgetting the film’s final decapitation scene any time soon!

The murder of Strode’s students (including a morbid dumbwaiter scene) & Michael’s lurking throughout the school grounds makes this movie one of the best in the franchise’s later films!

Halloween (2018)

After some more less-memorable additions to the franchise, the Halloween series finally had Jamie Lee Curtis once again grace fans with her return! After some immense hype, the film didn’t disappoint! The movie takes place forty years after the first night Laurie was terrorized by Michael Myers. 

The latest Halloween certainly feels like a showdown between the tough-as-nails Laurie Strode & the seemingly immortal Michael Myers! The movie also features plenty of scares & slashes to satisfy any disturbed Halloween fan! 

The terrifying babysitter murder scene still feels straight out of our worst nightmares! The film also nods to its original when Laurie gets thrown off a balcony by Michael, only for him to check & see that she’s disappeared. Any fanatic knows that this mirrors exactly the ending moments of the 1978 original Halloween!

What seemed to be Laurie’s final victory in killing Michael Myers has turned out to be another false sense of security. Michael Myers will return in the upcoming Halloween Kills! Jamie Lee Curtis will also return as Laurie Strode who’s trying to end this nightmare once and for all. Catch Halloween Kills in theaters on October 15th, 2021!

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