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We can’t believe it’s been over forty years since the original 'Halloween' movie came out. Here is the before & after of some of the 'Halloween' cast.

Then and now: What the ‘Halloween’ cast looks like all these years on

We can’t believe it’s been over forty years since the original Halloween movie came out. This horror classic was a game-changer for the slasher films. So what happened to the stars of Halloween during all these years?

Some of them kept on acting but some of them went on a different path. Either way, they’ve all come a long way since 1978 – and not only fashion-wise. Here is the before & after of some of the Halloween cast.

Jamie Lee Curtis

After landing her first big acting gig as Laurie Strode in Halloween, Jamie kept on doing horror films during the 80s which earned her the title of “Scream Queen”. She then worked on non-horror films such as Freaky Friday starring with Lindsay Lohan and, more recently, Knives Out.

Jamie has also written several children’s books. She started out in 1993 and wrote over ten books up until 2018. Jamie is also a big philanthropist, a LGBTQ+ supporter, a blogger for The Huffington Post, and even an inventor. 

Donald Pleasence

Halloween was just one of many movies Donald starred in. He also played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in 007: You Only Live Twice. He kept performing as Dr. Loomis in some of the Halloween sequels up until his death in 1995. Pleasence was also a volunteer for the Royal Air Force & served during WWII. He is another Halloween actor that’s also a published author, writing two books.

Nick Castle

One of the three actors who played Michael Myers, Nick also stuck to the Halloween franchise as an actor and had an appearance in the 2018 re-make. Nick then diversified and continued most of his career as a writer & director. He wrote the script for films like August Rush and directed comedies like Mr. Wrong starring Ellen DeGeneres. 

Tony Moran

Tony Moran once was the actual face of Michael Myers but didn’t continue acting for 30 years after the release of Halloween. He acted and produced along with P. J. Soles the movie Beg in 2011 but stayed out of the film industry for the most part. 

Will Sandin

Mostly staying out of the show business, Will Sandin only appeared as a young Michael Myers in Halloween and during the TV series of Battlestar Galactica. He currently works as a social studies professor in Illinois. 

P. J. Soles

After playing Lynda van der Klok in Halloween, Soles participated in the film Rock n’ Roll High School, featuring  The Ramones. Soles held the role of Riff Randell in the film. Soles continued her career as a TV & movie actress. She also appeared in Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn but Soles is mostly remembered for her role as Lynda in Halloween and as Norma Watson in Carrie.

She returned to the franchise for the 2018 Halloween remake. Soles was also the muse for the Local H song “PJ Soles” which appears in the album Whatever happened to PJ Soles?

Nancy Kyes

Ever since her appearance in Halloween as Annie Brackett, Kyes hasn’t really continued her acting career. The latest acting role for Kyes was on the TV series Lady Boss from 1992 in which she appeared as a doctor. Her acting career was short-lived but you can also find her in other movies directed by John Carpenter like The Fog.

Charles Cyphers

Although Charles is mostly known for his role in Halloween, he participated in other of John Carpenter’s films such as Assault on Precinct 13 & Escape from New York. He also appeared in many TV shows like The Dukes of Hazzard, Seinfeld, and ER.

Kyle Richards

She started out as a child actress for some horror movies but nowadays she’s more recognized for appearing in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills than for her role as Lindsey Wallace in Halloween. She’s also known for being Nicky & Paris Hilton’s half-aunt. 

Aside from her life as a socialite, Kyle released a clothing line for a shopping network, wrote a memoir, and appeared in the music video for “G.U.Y.” by Lady Gaga. She has also donated to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and is listed, along with her husband, as one of the “First Families”.

Sandy Johnson

Besides playing Michael Myers’ sister in Halloween, Sandy only appeared in a couple of films. She did appear multiple times in Playboy magazine and was actually Playmate of the Month in June 1974.

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