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Could Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have been partners in the sex trafficking ring? Find out why the lawsuit alleging so is being delayed.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein: Feds trying to stop civil case

Ghislaine Maxwell is no stranger to courtrooms. While she may be awaiting her first ever criminal case, Maxwell has dealt with multiple civil cases before now. In fact, there’s currently a civil case against Maxwell being pursued by one of the women who accuses her of being Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime – literally.

Federal prosecutors for Maxwell’s criminal case are asking a judge to have the civil lawsuit against Maxwell and Epstein’s estate to be halted for the time being. At first, this request may sound a little strange, or at the very least like a request that should be coming from Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys. However, there’s a pretty good reason why.

“Factual overlap”

The civil lawsuit is strongly related to the criminal case – they’re essentially about the same alleged transgressions. This is exactly what has federal prosecutors concerned. Some of the evidence, witnesses, and information related to the lawsuit may be of interest to the criminal case. Prosecutors are concerned there is “significant risk” this could “adversely affect” their case.

This overlap in information could potentially lead to the disclosure of important testimonies & evidence that might be needed in both court cases. If this information was released too soon it could hurt the prosecutors’ case.

“Such witnesses may be forced to testify about any efforts to assist the criminal investigation and prosecution, and may thereby expose facts about the investigation . . . and could potentially expose witnesses and/or their families to harassment.”

Maxwell’s advantage

The request further stated a concern that Maxwell could end up with “a broader array of discovery than she is entitled to in the criminal case”.

Essentially, they’re worried that Maxwell could ask for a preview of trial information from the civil case. Because of the interrelated information, she would be granted access to information from the criminal case that she otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Despite this apparent potential for an advantage, Maxwell’s lawyers and the lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s estate have also requested that the civil case be temporarily put on hold.

About the civil case

The lawsuit in question is filed by a “Jane Doe” and the accusations are extremely similar to the ones in the criminal case. However, it’s worth noting that the civil case was first filed in January of this year. Ghislaine Maxwell wasn’t arrested until July 2.

Both cases are about the abuse of three underaged girls, allegedly committed by both Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, during the 1990s.

Due to the nature of the lawsuit being filed by a Jane Doe, it’s unknown whether the plaintiff in the civil case is one of the accusers in the criminal case. Doe’s lawyers are obviously opposed to the idea of holding off the civil case citing the idea that it will only prolong the “already overdue” justice.

“After carefully considering the issues in this case and the pending criminal case, the Government respectfully submits that nothing short of a full stay of this matter would address the Government’s concerns”.

No decision has been reached by the court yet.

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