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'Game of Thrones' made several changes to its source material. Here are the biggest differences between the books and the series.

10 biggest difference between Game of Thrones books and series

Game of Thrones is one of the most loved series that received viewership from all around the world. Its gripping storyline and the whole new world that was created around the Iron Throne fascinated audiences all around the globe. 

The series is based on George R R Martin’s book The Song of Ice and Fire and most of the readers argue that there have been many details that were either missed or altered in the book. Let’s take a look at the ten major differences between the books and the script of GOT series.

1. The characters were much younger 

The characters in the book are much younger than what they were shown in the series. Daenerys from House Targaryen was shown as a young adult in the show while the book mentions her as a 13-year-old girl. 

John Snow, another major character of the series and also a much-expected heir to the Iron Throne, starts off his journey in the book as a fourteen-year-old boy. John Snow in the series is a young man who is around 25 years old. 

2. Return of Catelyn Stark

Catelyn Stark, the wife of Eddard Stark who was murdered in the Red Wedding, returns as Lady Stoneheart to avenge her son. Lady Stoneheart was a zombie-like version of Catelyn Stark who carried the scar of the slit neck and wasn’t able to speak. 

3. Robb Stark’s Wife

Red Wedding was one of the most heinous scenes of the series. Along with Robb Stark, his wife Talisa Maegyr is also murdered, stabbing her pregnant belly. This was not the case in the book. Robb Stark marries a lady called Jayne Westerling. In the Red Wedding Robb Stark was murdered but his wife was pardoned. 

4. Stark Children were Wargs

Wargs are people with special magical abilities who can enter the minds of animals and perceive the world through their senses. They can also control their actions. In the series, only Bran Stark was the child of the Starks who possessed this capability. The book mentions all the six Stark children to possess this ability including John Snow. 

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5. Daenerys was married twice   

All those who watched the series know that Daenerys was married by Viserys to Khal Drogo who then came to be known as Khaleesi. The book mentions her marrying Hizdahr Zo Loraq, the member of one of the most respectable houses of Meereen. 

In the show, Hizdahr Zo Loraq is stabbed to death by the Sons of Harpy so he never gets to marry Daenerys and remains only her fiancé.

In the book, Hizdahr Zo Loraq marries Daenerys but they do not have a happy marriage. He even tries to kill Daenerys to kill one of her Dragons. In the end, he was taken down from the throne and put in exile by Ser Barristan. 

6. Sansa was not troubled by Ramsay Bolton

Sansa had to go through a very tough life after marriage that hardened her and made her a learned individual. After suffering a great deal at the hands of Joeffrey she has to go through a lot of trouble in her third marriage with Ramsay Bolton. 

The book has a different story. Sansa was never married to Ramsay Bolton. 

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7. How many Aryas?

We all know that Arya Stark was the younger sister of Sansa. The book mentions Ramsay Bolton marrying ‘Arya’. This Arya is not Sansa’s sister but her childhood friend Jeyne Poole who is passed off by Bolton as Arya. Ramsay Bolton marries her misunderstanding as Arya because he wants to get Winterfell. 

Later she escapes with the help of Theon Greyjoy and Mance Rayder. The series however changed this story entirely and married Ramsay Bolton with Sansa. 

8. Robb Stark legitimize John Snow

Robb Stark legitimize John Snow before he dies in the Red Wedding by announcing him as the son of Eddard Stark. This was done to protect the north from the Lannisters. This was witnessed by the bannermen. The book does not mention any such event of John Snow being legitimized. Although Robb Stark does give such an idea to his mother that she disapproves angrily. 

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9. Jorah Mormount’s relationship with Daenerys

Jorah Mormount was a spy of Lannisters who was placed to keep an eye on Daenerys. However, during his espionage, he falls in love with her. He tries to show his love and even tries to get her hand in marriage. In the book, he does fall in love with Daenerys but never tries to get her. Later on, he is exiled when his betrayal was revealed. 

10. Coldhands 

Coldhands was a mysterious creature that looked like white walker and smelled like a dead man. He escorted Bran Stark to the three-eyed crow cave. In the show there is no mention of Coldhands and that Bran Stark already reaches the cave. 

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