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Is getting turned into a meme a sign that you've made it? For Future, it's just one more accomplishment. Learn the history of Future memes.

How did Future become a meme? We don’t care, these memes are lit!

Not too long ago, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, a.k.a. Future, was reinvented as a meme like so many celebs before him. No one’s quite sure how it started, but the famous rapper became the center point of a meme anyone with an ex who just can’t take a hint will relate to.

Future memes started flooding Twitter around Thanksgiving 2019 and took off at breakneck speed. The meme tackles the complicated art of the ex text: anyone with a partner who got away, was dumped for infidelity, or broke their heart knows the holidays are the times to expect a ping from their ex. 

Future memes of the rapper texting perfectly realistic captions of insincere “aw shucks” ex texts are truly *chef’s kiss.* Take a look at some of the best Future memes we could find.


Turkey day has many exes five wines deep & rubbing their bellies alone, reminiscing on lost loves on Mom’s couch. Is it the false sense of security in Mommy’s house that makes exes confident enough to check in on past partners who’ve moved on? Who knows, but when they send a T-day text, it’s going to look like this.

Thanksgiving ex texts often read like a picaresque novel, covering all bases. Here’s a pick from the Thanksgiving section of Future memes that displays the dense pings exes are capable of – in nauseating realism. (We get it; you’re a “nice guy”.)

Other exes cut straight to the point, as shown in this pick from the vault of Future memes. When a suspiciously overly sincere Thanksgiving text doesn’t work, hit ‘em with one of these Christmas texts instead.


Future is shown jet-setting in this meme, and rightfully so; this ex text cuts straight to the point, addressing us with the Christmas gift of a sleazy but slick ex text – that just might work.

The “woe is me” ex text featured in this Future meme is almost too real. (You’re right – you are the last person we want to talk to).

This pick from the potpourri of Christmas Future memes hits you where it hurts with a classic passive aggressive ex text. (Don’t bring Mom into it – this is about us!)

When the text is mostly about Mom, you know your ex is trying too hard. Future gives it to us straight in this meme.

Socially distant

When the pandemic hit, phones buzzed across the nation with the ultimate excuse to check up on an ex. This Future meme gives us a perfect template for exes worldwide, equipped with cringey quips and all.

The throwback COVID-19 check-in text displayed in this Future meme will no doubt send chills down the spines of vulnerable exes worldwide. (No need to respond? Then why text us? smdh)

This Future meme gives us perhaps the quippiest COVID-19 ex ping yet. Going the extra mile for Grandma must have at least won them a few points, though.

Finally, a Future meme that breaks the mold and sends a message for all ex text senders: think before you send. We are who we are!

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