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Goat videos make everyone happy! Check out these funny, heartwarming, and downright cute goats right now. They will make you smile!

Make your day better by watching these funny goat videos

If there’s one thing that never fails to brighten up any day it’s cute animals. Whether it’s unlikely animal friendships, cute dog videos, or in the case of today, funny goat videos, animals will always make us smile.

Today we’ve scoured the internet for the best goat videos the world has to offer and we’re proud to say there are some truly fun ones. Here are the best videos we could find.

Starting with a sweet one

This video has taken the internet by storm recently. It’s a heartwarming reunion and we’d be lying if we said our eyes remained perfectly dry.

Pulling punches

This little goat is the definition of pulling your punches. He makes all the right motions, but when it comes down to actually headbutting his feline companion he backs off – even when he finally commits it’s very gentle.

Pajama Party!

This adorable video features baby goats playing in little PJ onesies and we cannot handle how cute and funny these two are as they race around the barn they live in.

Pajama stampede

If you thought the last video was great, wait until you see this one. Maybe 20 goats are featured in this farm video and they’re all in little fleece onesies as they run around playing and saying hello to the resident cat.

Also, are baby goats in pajamas just . . . a thing? Nobody told us this and we’re very offended.

Screaming baby goats

These little goats are stuck inside while it’s raining so they do exactly what human kids do – they run around in circles while yelling.

Hector makes friends

This is Hector. Hector is a baby goat and he wants to make friends with the barn kittens. You’re welcome.

So many goats

Ever wonder what it would be like to have almost 100 goats? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a video of 90 goats of all ages running around and having a blast.

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