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It may be easiest to get a dog or cat as a pet, but have you considered getting a baby donkey? Watch these baby donkey videos – you’ll soon be smitten.

These videos prove you need a pet baby donkey

Stressed, depressed, suppressed? Sometimes all you need to do is hug something soft & furry. Consider adopting a pet into your life – you’d be surprised how much a little creature can cheer you up. 

If you’re seeking the perfect animal to welcome into your home, look no further. Sure it may be easiest to get a dog, cat, or guinea pig – but you must consider a new animal in the mix. Baby donkeys! If you’re unconvinced all you have to do is watch these videos – you’ll be smitten in no time.

Baby donkey dog

Tiny Tim’s story will make your heart swell. He’s so much like a dog you’ll hardly be able to see the difference! 

Cookies & cream donkey

This little black & white donkey is so cute we could just dunk ‘em in a glass of milk and eat ‘em. Who knew that dalmatian donkeys exist?

Lotsa love

This lil’ baby just can’t get enough love. What a cuddly sweetheart. If you’re looking for affection, a baby donkey is definitely for you. Keep your pet safe & healthy with Low Cost Pet Vax.


If you were wondering what a donkey looks like when they’ve just been born, here it is. Small, delicate, delightful. So precious. 


Just imagine this little guy playing around in your backyard. Are you sold yet?

Hyper baby donkey

This little guy never runs out of energy! No need to take this donkey out on walks. All you have to do is give the donkey some space to run around in circles for eternity.

We’ve got another runner!

Baby donkeys must love prancing around. They’re going to be like cheetahs one day – at least that’s what they likely believe.

Donkey hug

Don’t you want to hug a donkey? We could desire nothing more. Think about how soft they must be.

Baby horsey

If you were unsure about a baby donkey, then you can’t say no to this baby horse. This little one will surely bring you all the same kind of joy and you may even be able to ride them when they’re older!

More donkey fun!

If you still haven’t seen enough here is this compilation of baby donkeys being as cute as can be.

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