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The 'Friends' reunion is gearing up, and we can’t deal with our excitement. Let’s celebrate and honor our favorite characters with these hilarious moments.

Are these ‘Friends’ characters your lobster? Rewatch their hilarious moments

The Friends reunion is gearing up, and we can’t deal with our excitement. The 90s classic provided many laughs over the years. Even many years after the show came off the air. Rachel Green, Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani have become icons ever since the show’s release in 1994.

Have you binge-watched all ten seasons of Friends? Are these Friends characters your lobster? Let’s celebrate their reunion and honor these hilarious moments from the show.


Any true Friends fan will know this scene and quote it numerous times. This scene is a classic and never fails to make us laugh even after watching it over one hundred times.

Thanksgiving confessions

Judy Gellar (Monica & Ross’s mom) is out here giving the gang facts and we’re loving it. This scene is hilarious for so many reasons. Sibling rivalry and beef in a trifle? We can’t help but love the characters/

Vegas mustache

If there was any scene that proves Ross & Rachel were endgame, then this is it. Characters that have Sharpie mustaches together – stay together!

Clothes, clothes, and clothes

Could he BE wearing any more clothes? Chandler Bing is a fan favorite for so many reasons. Joey perfectly impersonates this Friends character in the best way possible.


Phoebe always knows what to say. Ross & Rachel are each other’s lobsters. We also have to add that characters Monica & Chandler are definitely lobsters!

Ugly Naked Guy, are you alive?

One of the best Friends characters has to be Ugly Naked Guy. The dedication it took for the characters to create a pole long enough to poke their sleeping friend is iconic!


Did you know there are seven erogenous zones for women? Chandler didn’t. We love the dramatic way Monica explains these seven zones. Seven? SEVEN!


Another Chandler Bing classic. Does anyone know what he does for a living? Apparently, his best friends don’t know either. We all love a fun trivia game, but this one felt too personal.

Turkey hat

“It’s Joey!” Ah, another Thanksgiving classic. These episodes are always a favorite for Friends fans. The turkey hat drama is just a perfect moment we still remember. 

French lessons

Did anyone else try to learn another language during lockdown? One of our favorite Friends characters attempted to learn French for a role and failed dramatically.

Which Friends moment is your favorite? Are you excited about the reunion? Let us know in the comments.

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