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If your favorite character from 'The Office' is also Jim Halpert, then you’re definitely not alone. Let’s take a look back and revisit all his best moments.

Bears, beets, ‘Battlestar Galactica’: Rewatch Jim’s best moments in ‘The Office’

It’s been eight years since the well-loved sitcom The Office officially came to an end, but its popularity hasn’t died down one bit since. The show is still a favorite to many, and no one can ever forget about the humorous antics of the insufferable Michael Scott, the nerdy Dwight Schrute, or the sweet & artsy Pam Beesly. However, it’s pretty obvious that a popular fan favorite character of The Office is none other than Jim Halpert.

The Office truly would not be anywhere near as iconic as it’s considered today without the character of Jim Halpert. With his sarcastic & witty humor, his adorable romance with Pam, the funny pranks he pulled on Dwight, and the fact that him & Pam seemed like the only sane people in the workplace, John Krasinski captured the hearts of many with his portrayal of the handsome & charming Jim. 

If your favorite character from The Office is also Jim Halpert, then you’re definitely not alone. Let’s take a look back and revisit all his best moments from the show. 

Preparing for a proposal

This moment from The Office is just one of those adorable Jim & Pam moments that everyone remembers & loves. Jim always has a good sense of humor, so it’s no surprise he has to pull a prank on Pam and freak her out for a bit to propose to her. We also can’t help but swoon when he pulls out the engagement ring and says “got it a week after we started dating”. 

This is truly one of the scenes that proved to fans that Jim and Pam were really meant to be. With undeniable chemistry, compassion, and charm, the two were absolute relationship goals. 

Stapler in Jell-O

Some of the funniest moments in The Office was when Jim would pull hilarious pranks on his coworker Dwight Schrute. This scene just had to be put on this list because it’s probably considered as one of the most classic moments on the show. Who can ever come up with something so random yet funny as putting your co-worker’s office supplies in Jell-O?

Asian Jim

Here’s another classic Dwight & Jim moment for you. In this scene, Jim pranks Pam by calling in his friend to pretend to be him, and Dwight absolutely flips out. We love this moment not just because it’s so hilarious, but also because it truly encapsulates just how absurd yet brilliant Jim’s pranks were in The Office. 

Jim finally asks Pam out

No, this isn’t a funny Jim moment, but it has to be one of the most heartwarming scenes in The Office. This moment gives Jim-and-Pam-shippers everything they could ever want. After many episodes of seeing the two crush hard on one another and go through many ups and downs, the two finally get together in the cutest way possible. Jenna Fischer also deserves an A plus for the stellar acting in this scene. 

Jim & Dwight’s party planning

Ah, here we have yet another classic Jim & Dwight moment. In this scene, Jim & Dwight have to quickly plan a late birthday party for a very upset Kelly Kapoor, but the two really have no experience in planning an office party at all. Watch them hilariously struggle to impress their coworker here. 

See you tomorrow for lunch, Michael!

For many fans of The Office, one of the most sentimental moments in the show was when Michael Scott parted ways with the gang after finding true love. Michael’s last day is one of the best episodes of the show, and the special moment he shared with Jim in his last minutes at the office may make you tear up a bit. Considering Steve Carrell really left the show in real life, this scene really shows the bond between the two characters. 

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