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Are you smitten with the radiant character Jules Vaughn from 'Euphoria'? Put your knowledge of her to the test in this pop quiz!

How well do you know Jules in ‘Euphoria’? Take our quiz and find out!

If you’ve watched HBO’s raw teen drama Euphoria, chances are good you’re smitten with the profoundly interesting & radiant character Jules Vaughn. Bubbling with a unique trans girl energy, Jules is hard not to fall in love with. (No wonder Rue is head-over-heels for her.) 

Fans of Jules are often fans of actor Hunter Schafer by extension. Easy to idolize, Schafer is known for being an LGBTQ activist who breaks conventional notions about gender. She’s also a highly experienced model who has worked in fashion houses such as Dior, Coach, Vera Wang, and Miu Miu. 

Heart-eyed Jules fan? We call upon you to prove your love for her in this Euphoria pop quiz. 😍 Put your knowledge of Jules & Hunter Schafer to the test, and don’t forget to share how well you did @FilmDailyNews.

Find out how deep your Jules obsession goes in this ‘Euphoria’ quiz!

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