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Michael Keaton as Batman for 'The Flash' movie is officially confirmed. Hype yourself up with the best Twitter reactions.

Do fans approve of Michael Keaton as Batman in Andy Muschietti’s ‘The Flash’?

Ah, Michael Keaton’s turn as Batman in 1989’s Batman from director Tim Burton, it’s one of those really amazing performances. Now, Keaton is suiting up again for The Flash. Die hard DC fans are extremely curious about what Keaton’s role means for the film franchise. What could director Andy Muschietti be bringing with Michael Keaton’s return as Batman for the film?


On his Instagram, Muschietti posted a photo of Keaton’s Batman symbol with a splash of blood on it. Which is, perhaps, very Watchman of him. With Michael Keaton returning as Batman, the bloodied version of the symbol from his turn as the character, and questions about the plot of The Flash, let’s see how Twitter is reacting to this new news. 

Is the film Flashpoint though?

Thomas Wayne would be cool to see.

What can we learn?

It does look like the suit from Batman returns. That yellow brings back memories.


Everybody messes with Tom Holland

This? This is just funny. Nothing to do with the photo. But hilarious.



It does look like jelly.


Blood or what?

It really does look like jam! 


It’s really happening

Apparently, we’re a quarter of the way through with filming.


What does it mean? 

What does the blood jam on the suit mean, DC?! 


Bat meet Bat

What will happen when Michael Keaton as Batman meets Ben Affleck as Batman?

So thrilled! 

This is the general mood on social media. People are excited to see Keaton suit up again.


No messing with Batman

Don’t mess with any version of Batman, generally.


Hype mode: engaged

Everyone is hyped to see The Flash movie, but especially Michael Keaton’s return as Batman.

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