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The Snyder Cut of Justice League is inching closer and closer to its release date. Is the upcoming DC release going to flop?

Is Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League: The Snyder Cut’ worthy of all the hype?

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is inching closer and closer to its release date, but rather than growing anticipation, it seems everyone is becoming more hesitant about the movie.

As details about the film are being discussed, fans are starting to wonder if this version of Justice League will be just as much of a mess, if not more of a mess, than the Joss Whedon version everyone abhorred. The Zack Snyder version of the movie was long heralded as the “proper” version and the version that would redeem DC films.

Now? Now, people are already starting to wonder if their superhero hopes & dreams were massively misplaced. Here are the details that are making fans start to sweat the impending release instead of hyping it.

A few miscellaneous oddities

Before we jump into some of the meatier reasons DC fans are becoming hesitant about the movie, let’s talk about a few random details that have slipped out about the film that has eyebrows furrowed.

Remember when everyone freaked out about widescreen movies at home? People were peeved that there were black bars above & below the movie. An exquisite waste of screen space – that’s how most people felt about it – they wanted the movie to fill their screen.

Well, if you were in that group of outraged people (or still are) prepare to be even more baffled by the Zack Snyder version of Justice League – it was filmed in a boxy 4:3 aspect ratio. This means that there will be rather large black bars on the left & right of the screen. It’s a tad more distracting than widescreen images – you’ll know this if you’ve ever rewatched older shows or movies.

Aside from the funky aspect ratio, we hope we’ll be able to ignore after the first ten minutes, the film reportedly has a rather lengthy runtime of four hours. That’s longer than Lord of the Rings extended cuts or Gone With the Wind. Yikes.

Fans will be able to watch Justice League at home via streaming, which means viewers can actually get up to walk around when their attention span reaches its limit, but that likely won’t improve the watching experience. It’s hard to believe the movie won’t feel winding, bloated, and possibly even boring.

Cliff hanger?

Another potential strike against the film is that even after taking four hours to tell a story the movie will be ending on what everyone is calling a “massive cliffhanger”. Oh great.

The original vision Zack Snyder had was a three-part Justice League story – something DC execs weren’t terribly excited about – hence the reason Whedon’s final product was a stand-alone film.

It seems, despite the fact Snyder is perfectly aware that there is essentially no chance of further movies being made, he went ahead and created an ending that leaves viewers wondering what in the world happens next. Even if fans love the Snyder Cut, and want the rest, it won’t matter because reports have been flooding in that Henry Cavill is done with the role of Superman.

Executives don’t like it

Justice League is starting to sound a lot like the Fantastic Four curse. Perhaps creating a good movie version just isn’t in the cards. It’s being said that Warner Bros executives aren’t exactly fond of Zack Snyder’s updated Justice League.

The words “not impressed” are the specific ones being thrown around as well as “lack of faith” and “simply want it to go away”. Brutal words from the people who should be promoting the film endlessly right now.

Granted, fans have often found that studios getting in the way tends to make movies worse so their opinions don’t necessarily mean fans will agree, but it doesn’t exactly bode well either.

Eyebrows were raised further when DC made an announcement about a Superman reboot in the works, which took some attention away from the highly anticipated Justice League – something Marvel wouldn’t dare to do with a film so close to release. Heck, Marvel hates to release trailers for other movies when an MCU installment is months away, let alone a couple of weeks.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Snyder Cut of Justice League or are you starting to worry the movie might not be what you had hoped for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Wow. What an annoying little MCU fan girl. Let me put some of your fake, made-up worries to rest.

    Firstly, let’s start with “DC fans are becoming hesitant” – yeah we’re actually not though? DC and Snyder fans are dying for this movie ever more with every single nugget of information that gets put out. I actually don’t know who these “DC fans” that you talk about are, and I don’t think you do either.

    The ratio, while being different and possibly something to get used to, it does actually mean you’re getting more of the image. Also, if you don’t want to watch it that way, your TV has a zoom function – go at it.

    As for the cliffhanger – changing his original vision for the movie to make it all neatly tied up with a ribbon would make it… well. It would make it Josstice League again wouldn’t it? And it’s funny that you bring up Fantastic Four as a good comparison, it is, but for the reason you don’t want it to be – studio takeovers of directorial, creative projects. Walter Hamada, Toby Emmerich, the people that get involved to put their spin on it, their take, to put in what they think will work, but never ever does (go watch Wild Wild West and tell me the giant mechanical spider is a good addition by a Hollywood exec). The only reason it’s similar to F4 is because people want to see the original directors cut of that too. One with darkness, and meaning. Just like the Snyder Cut.

    End of the day, this release is about more than a movie. It’s about fighting the disgusting Hollywood machine. A machine that will take your passionate, creative endeavour, strip it away from you, transform it an ugly, corporate, cgi mess that pleases literally no one – all while kicking you off a project right after your daughter’s death. The fans of this movie knew what they were in for since the announcement of Man of Steel. They got the guy who made 300, Dawn of the Dead, and Watchmen to make a family-friendly rival to the MCU. It was NEVER going to happen. And thank god!

    WB, with releasing Superman news and other news pieces, ARE trying to detract from and sink the Snyder Cut! Just like how you’ve put it in the article, most companies would advertise their properties! And they should! But they won’t because they’re shills. They don’t want people to see how much they messed up 3 and a half years ago. They don’t want people to see what happens when a studio gets involved and royally f*@#s a project with their corporate d*@#s. But we will see. And maybe when we do, a lot of those will change, or possibly even disappear. Because this movie was never meant to exist in the first place, maybe it will change everything when it does.

    #RestoreTheSnyderverse #ReleasetheTrankCut #ReleasetheAyerCut #AFSP #IBelieveinRayFisher #ForAutumnSnyder #ForDarkseid

    March 7, 2021

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