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Ray Fisher goes deep into his 'Justice League' allegations. Read on about how Geoff Johns allegedly stopped a Black actor from leading 'Krypton'.

Did Geoff Johns refuse to cast a black man in ‘Krypton’? See the allegations

DC is not having a good look right now, especially in terms of the big names attached to their films & franchises. Geoff Johns, a big name in comics, has been accused of nixing the idea of Superman’s grandfather being black in the cancelled Krypton from Syfy. Krypton follows the adventures of Superman’s grandfather (Cameron Cuffe) on Krypton before its destruction.

Apparently, Krypton’s creators were big on nontraditional casting. Meaning that they did not want a white guy to play Superman’s grandfather. In fact, they apparently wanted to sign, drumroll please, Bridgerton heartthrob, Regé-Jean Page, as Seg-El in the series. In addition, they wanted to make Adam Strange bisexual or gay in the series. Johns, reportedly, squashed both ideas.

Johns representation, however, said that he was following fan expectations that Seg-El would look related to Henry Cavill and belong in the DCEU. Given that the connections to the DCEU were minimal (if at all there), it’s just not something that makes sense to the production. Plus, hate to say it, they’re aliens. People could suspend disbelief that Regé-Jean Page & Henry Cavill were related. 

Twitter, naturally, has some thoughts on the matter now that the news is out there, courtesy of Ray Fisher’s in-depth and candid conversation with The Hollywood Reporter

Ray Fisher bringing out the truth

Yes, Geoff Johns. Superman’s grandfather can’t be Black, but it’s okay for Zod’s? Really, dude? Really?

Deserved better

May their careers be better than DC ever gave them.

Damning silence

The silence elsewhere is a bit telling. Seriously. No one is backing Geoff Johns up.

This? This is not good.

Racism is definitely an issue at the WB, and it’s time to clean house.

Just look at all the excuses

Geoff Johns has pretty much said everything but the classic “some of my best friends are Black” excuse to defend his behavior.

It’s sus

There was a pattern, but they were so happy to have poached Whedon from the MCU that they put his needs above their actors.


The excuse was weak! The bigger bosses did not want Krypton to be a tie-in prequel after all. 

It’s so suspect.

It does not. Everything is suspect. Get new management at the WB. 


Seriously. Why are they still employed?

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