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Absolutely in love with DC Comics character Raven? See some of the recent books to read to get more content on this beloved character.

Goth but make it superpowered: Will DC comics bring us more Raven content?

Who doesn’t love DC comics Raven? Powerful, witty, & dark, this character has fed our goth souls for years. A founding member of the New Teen Titans, DC comics Raven has graced our comic book pages since 1980 in DC Comics Present #26

DC comics Raven is definitely nothing to sniff at, power wise. Her powers include, but not limited to: magic, emotional manipulation, psychic power, shadow manipulation, supernatural knowledge, telekinesis, teleportation, flight, and a healing factor. Move over Doctor Strange, right? It’s no wonder more people want more of DC comics Raven and are, luckily, getting it with even more on the way.

Of course, such a beloved character with such a great skill set has quite a few fans. Those fans, naturally, go to Twitter to showcase their love for such an iconic character. We teleported through the threads to find more information about Raven’s latest appearances and reactions to the character from her adventures over the years. Join the Teen Titans as we dive into the latest news on DC comics Raven. 

Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven

If there’s one ship that is iconic for DC, it’s Beast Boy & Raven. This lovable dynamic gets a new lease on life in the latest graphic novel from Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, who did the fantastic Teen Titans: Raven graphic novel. 

Following the events of the last book, readers finally get the reunion they’ve been waiting for as Beast Boy & Raven meet in Nashville to talk to the bounty hunting legend himself, Slade Wilson. He’s trying to figure out his powers, she’s trying to destroy her demon father. But will the two get more out of their trip than that? Could they possibly, even, find love? 

The graphic novel comes out this month on the 28th, but is currently accepting pre-orders. However, if you need some great Raven content immediately, don’t worry. DC has you covered. 

Teen Titans Academy #1 & #2 

While not a Raven-exclusive book, our favorite goth girl does appear alongside other iconic Titans as they head back to school. With heroes like Shazam, Batman enthusiasts, and the kid who will soon become Red X, this school is bound to have its level of drama. 

Raven herself pops up as a teacher alongside other iconic Titans, including Nightwing, Cyborg, & Beast Boy, of course. The team need to figure out whose masquerading as the new Red X as Raven herself deals with the dark secrets of her new pupil, Dane. It’s a fun, action packed series that will leave you speechless. 

Both comics are available now and are currently being written by Tim Sheridan, with art by Rafa Sandoval. If you need more Raven content, this is the series for you. Of course, if you need other fans to talk to about these amazing books, look no further. 


Twitter loves Raven 

Naturally, this beloved character is all over Twitter, with many reminiscing on some of her funnier moments as well as showcasing their love with great art. Reactions to Raven include: 


They’re both afraid of feelings yet catch feelings for each other; hence why they’re an OTP. 


Yes, she did, but to be fair she was occupied . . . . 


She . . . . . doesn’t really know how to do the friends thing . . . . 


Why are you all so talented?! 


We cannot wait for October, either! More Raven content, lets goooooo . . . . ! 

Have any other great recommendations for fans of DC comics Raven? Drop them below in the comments before Trigon comes back! 

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