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Tim Drake is officially bisexual in the main continuity of DC Comics! Celebrate Robin's coming out with the fans of the comic on Twitter.

Is DC’s ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ Robin bisexual?

Get out the flags! Let out a cheer! The DC fandom is living their best version of their life. Why? Because Tim Drake, who is the third comic Robin, has come out as bisexual! Fans, who have been waiting for years, are crying with joy over the confirmation. And, yes, Tim Drake is bisexual, he dated Stephanie Brown and now he’s dating Bernard Dowd in the the anthology series Batman: Urban Legends.

It’s great news because, for so many people, Tim Drake is their Robin. Kid has been Robin for about 30 years (and is Robin again? Sharing the title with Damian Wayne? We don’t know, but sure. Why not). What we do know is that it’s canon now and we’re rubbing our grubby little hands all over Tim Drake, so no take backs DC! Seriously, there may be a riot if you try to.

With that being said, it’s time to look at the celebration yesterday over Tim being confirmed as part of the LGBTQ+ community! Break out the bi-pride flags, ya’ll! 


*singing* He’s comin’ out

He’s ours, DC!


Excellent, bring on the Batdad jokes

And the humor was real, af.


He’s our bisexual

We love him so much.


Look at this

So much good fanart! 


Happy birthday, Damian Wayne!

Considering the relationship in comics? It’s how it probably would have gone.


The power

Heck yeah, he is!


Awwww . . . 




One for the bi guys.


Take that TV! Score one for a comic

This has been a long time in coming. It’s like the opposite of what happened with Supernatural. God, a Robin is bisexual! 


It’s us. We’re the house.

How we’re all feeling right now. No take backs, DC! 

What do you think about Tim Drake being confirmed as bi? Who is your fave Robin? Or what about your fave DC comics featuring Tim? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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