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'Black Adam' has entered its final phase of production. Will this new movie with the Rock save the DCEU? See Twitter's reactions to the movie.

‘Black Adam’: Could The Rock save the DCEU with this new movie?

Black Adam is a project that fans of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have been waiting to see for years. Seriously, ever since the DCEU has been announced, fans have been dying to see Black Adam in action. Johnson was probably one of the earliest castings in the DCEU since, like, 2014? It was years ago. But, well, now the film is finally underway and we can’t wait to see what’ll happen.

Black Adam has been in the works for years, but only recently gained traction within DC Films. Originally, it looked like the villain/antihero was going to go up against Shazam when the time came for that movie. After that, Black Adam became its own solo film with The Rock getting the starring credit as the title character. Given the issues the DCEU had with its film, could the project save it?

It’s possible. Let’s be real here, folks. The Rock could do a movie about the wonders of dental hygiene and it would still be the best-selling movie in the world. He’s an internationally beloved figure. People have been dying to see him in a superhero role for years. How excited are people for the new movie with the Rock? Let’s take a look at how Twitter is feeling like the Rock can save the DCEU.


That suit

No padding is needed for that supersuit.



It’s definitely a cool comparison between the two suits.


Did anyone think that?

Like we thought that the Rock would need a padded suit for his own movie. Please.



Seriously, everyone gets more excited with each image released.


Give it to us!

Come on, people. Do not be shy. Just show us.


Everyone is suggesting it

Forget Batman v Superman. Give us Black Adam v Superman. Now that’s a fight for the ages! 


Bow down

Hail to the new King.


Grab that money

Make that billion.


Pleeeeaseeee . . . 

We just want to see the whole costume.


Get pumped!

The passion is even giving the most ambivalent amped.

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