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The days of Edward & Bella are gone, folks. Robert Pattinson is now DC's Batman! These moments prove he's worthy of the role.

Robert Pattinson *is* Batman: These broody moments prove it

The days of Edward & Bella are gone, folks. Robert Pattinson may have come into our lives as a young hot vampire, but our hero has traded his bloodlust for a thirst for justice as the next Batman. Robert Pattinson surprised everyone who roasted the gray-filtered melodramatic saga which made him famous when he began to hone his craft in roles off the beaten path in Hollywood, and the actor’s hard work seems to have paid off.

Robert Pattinson is the new Batman, but his role as the temperamental dark knight only comes after a plethora of parts in which Pattinson peacocked his expert broodiness, making him the perfect fit for everyone’s favorite emo rich boy vigilante. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the films making Robert Pattinson the monarch of moodiness.


Robert Pattinson acted in plenty of films before & after the Twilight saga shot him into superstardom, but he didn’t catch the eyes of cinephiles until he teamed up with legendary director David Cronenberg for the first time with 2012’s Cosmopolis. Cronenberg is known for his heady pictures, and not for their starring heartthrobs.

Pattinson’s role in Cosmopolis acted as perfect training wheels for his upcoming part as Batman, playing twenty-eight year-old billionaire Eric Packer riding his limousine through Manhattan, the NYC borough so often affectionately referred to as Gotham. 

Pattinson has the role of brooding rich man down pat in Cosmopolis, and there’s no doubt he’ll be calling on his former part in the Batman suit when The Batman drops in 2022. 

Good Time

Pattinson plays someone Batman would try to take down in Good Time, as low-level bankrobber Connie Nikas. However, the role proved Pattinson could carry a suspense film with ease as an action star, and did so in one of the greatest thrillers of the late 2010s (and maybe of all time).

Furthermore, Nikas provided Pattinson with an emotionally volatile character, prone to outbursts just like our broody crimefighter in black. Moreover, Nikas is trying to save his brother in Good Time, and we all know Mr. Bruce Wayne is no stranger to family issues.

High Life

2018’s High Life may be Robert Pattinson’s broodiest role, and that’s saying a lot. The Claire Denis-directed sci-fi horror picture places Pattinson on a space station as Monte, a man among fellow criminals in the station which acts as a pseudo correctional facility.

High Life is extremely heady, and Pattinson dons out more sullen looks and meaningful glances than lines of dialogue. He and the crew contemplate life in space amid the space station’s drama, which ultimately ends up with Pattinson’s Monte coming face to face with a black hole. We can’t think of a better recipe for a role chock full of broody moments. 

The Lighthouse

Finally, 2019’s The Lighthouse rode the A24 wave of success coming from films like 2018’s Hereditary, and The Lighthouse follows up 2015’s The VVitch from director Robert Eggers. The film pits Robert Pattinson alongside longtime expert Willam Defoe in one of Pattison’s most challenging roles to date.

The Lighthouse follows Pattinson as Ephraim Winslow, working in an isolated lighthouse enveloped in the shadowy black & white aesthetic curtain in which every frame of the film is draped. 

We can only imagine how brooding we’d be, stuck in a lighthouse with a demanding boss and slowly slipping into the depths of isolation, and Winslow’s brooding will no doubt make Batman’s look like nothing but cheery pleasantries.

What’s your favorite Robert Pattinson moody moment? What Robert role will put Batman to shame? Let us know in the comments below!

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