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In an endless pool of internet personalities, Corpse Husband set himself apart. Did he reveal his face? Learn more about the mysterious YouTuber.

Who is Corpse Husband? Learn his story, face reveal, net worth, and more

In an endless pool of internet personalities, YouTuber Corpse Husband set himself apart with his anonymous identity & killer storytelling skills. He is a part of a YouTube community called “Horror Narration Channels” and often narrates ghastly horror stories in a signature deep voice on his YouTube channel. 

While the vocals of Corpse Husband happened to be mesmerizing enough for fans to make him famous, it didn’t stop them from pestering the mysterious star for a face reveal.

Corpse Husband had a steady following of 1.2 million subs on YouTube till mid-last year before he shot to fame, thanks to his new-found interest in Twitch-streaming Among Us gameplays alongside popular streamers such as Disguised Toast and Pokimane, as well as Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. 


In spite of choosing to go faceless on the internet, Corpse Husband currently has 6.7 million YouTube subscribers, 2.3 million followers on Twitter, and around 242 million views on his five-year old YouTube channel – his baritone voice being his only recognizable feature to viewers.  

Corpse Husband has another job alongside content creation that involves creativity & outstanding vocals – he’s a Spotify-verified musician with 1.1 million listeners and over seventy-five million plays. 

While Corpse Husband is reluctant to reveal his face, he surely isn’t hesitant to share his feelings via his music – his latest track is called “Agoraphobic” and one of his other tracks, titled “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!”, was ranked number two on Spotify Viral 50 songs chart. 


Due to his growing musical career, Corpse Husband also made his way to TikTok with audios of his songs becoming popular and extending his content creation to the short-form video platform. Part of his music’s appeal is his uniquely deep voice, which he claimed to have developed through his chronic illness of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). 

Corpse Husband also tweeted about his long list of illnesses including fibromyalgia & sleep apnea, revealing that long hours of gaming or streaming can cause him serious pain. He wrote in frustration, “I’m just [f@%#ing] upset that I’m 22 and my life is being robbed from me”.

Face reveal

Fans have gathered several facts from the bits of information Corpse Husband revealed over time in his content such as his birthday (August 8, 1997) and where he lives (San Diego, California). However, fans are left in the dark regarding the YouTuber’s appearance as Corpse Husband is yet to reveal his face. 

When Corpse Husband featured in Anthony Padilla’s popular YouTube series, “I Spent a Day with. . .” – he was one among three faceless YouTubers Padilla interviewed. Corpse Husband’s face was covered by a logo in the video as he talked about his anxiety surrounding his identity reveal. The content creator confessed his strong preference of keeping his visage a secret. 

Net worth

Corpse Husband’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Majority of his income stems from engagement on his YouTube channel. With ad-revenue, sponsorships, premium subscribers, and more – Corpse Husband is estimated to make $83,000 per month from his YouTube channel alone, according to Social Blade. 

In addition, Corpse Husband earns through his musical endeavours on Spotify & Apple Music where he has hordes of listeners supporting him. Corpse Husband also owns a merchandise store like many other content creators nowadays, dropping limited edition products from time to time for his fan community.

Current career

Corpse Husband seems like an intriguing personality and with such an enigmatic aura to him, it’s only fair fans have taken a keen interest in him. In recent news, he tweeted that he wasn’t going to quit YouTube anytime soon after major speculation surrounding the YouTuber’s career. 

Are you a fan of Corpse Husband, waiting for him to reveal his face? Let us know below!

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