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James Corden dressed as a thrusting crotch mouse to promote the new 'Cinderella' movie on 'The Late Late Show'. Twitter shares their horror with the world.

The worst James Corden’s stunts on ‘The Late Late Show’ ever

Ah, James Corden. People really don’t like him. The Late Late Show host is being roasted on Twitter for his latest stunt of dressing up as a rat and gyrating in traffic. We wish that we weren’t joking, but, well, look at the world, look at society. We’re telling the truth here people. It’s just a harsh pill to swallow at this point that he keeps getting work in subpar musicals. How does this keep happening?

Either way, James Corden has pulled some terrible stunts during his career on The Late Late Show. People are just sort of tired by it all. Let’s go to the Internet and weep without brothers, sisters, and gender-nonconforming sibs over this latest “why James Corden” mess. 


Make him even more unfunny, writers! 

Okay. Wow. 


We can see it

So like the opposite of Neo? 



We wish.


How does this keep happening?! 

Tell us this is a weird tie-in for the bad Cinderella movie.


Amazing no one has tried to run them over yet

Oh, this stunt is from Sidewalk Musical. 


Pour one out

You have to feel bad for the people trapped in their cars during this nonsense.


And somewhere a monkey’s paw curled its finger

A new curse for the modern era.


Play the video or go to Hell? You decide

Getting into Heaven is that easy.


Good that we don’t have to live through that then

It’s true.


Well when you put it like that

Seriously, those poor people. 

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