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Tired of seeing 'Carpool Karaoke'? Wonder why James Corden keeps appearing in musicals? Commiserate with Twitter, thanks to these funny tweets.

Why does ‘Carpool Karaoke”s James Corden star in every movie musical?

James Corden keeps appearing in musicals. It’s not that surprising honestly. Between the success of Carpool Karaoke amongst other musical numbers that he does on The Late Late Show with James Corden, it makes sense that he would appear in such things,  you know? But honestly, it may be getting a little ridiculous. Sure, Anna Kendrick has appeared in a lot of musical movies, but she’s also done other things as well.

Yet, here is James Corden again in Amazon’s Cinderella. Fans are already seeing his appearance as a way to predict that the upcoming movie will be awful. Sure, singing Carpool Karaoke is well & good, but he doesn’t have to act in that segment, you know? Hollywood, you do know that you don’t need to let him on set when he shows up to one of these things, right? Right?


What does it mean? 

Herald of a negative score on Rotten Tomatoes.



Who said bribe? We’re thinking he just . . . shows up.



How does this keep on happening?!


Is it every single one?

Well . . . he didn’t show up in In the Heights. Did he? Or did we block it out? 


Are the casting directors just tired? 



Like we knew it was going to be bad . . . 

It just immediately tanks further.


Why does it feel like it happened more? 

It was only twice? 


It’s a source of fascination at this point

It has to be something really bad or good. Depends.


A+ tweet

The Producers for the modern times.


What have we done?! 

What kind of capitalist hellscape are we in now? 

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