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Writing a song that will be used in a movie is an act known as a score. Here's how you can write a song for any movie.

How to Write a Song that will be used in a Movie

Writing a song that will be used in a movie is an act known as a score. A film or movie score is music written for a particular movie by a songwriter. The songwriter is contracted to compose a song for the movie production. Many artists choose the movie path to become famous and have a lot of listeners on Spotify, for example.

It has become quite important for moviemakers to include music in the production of their film projects. This is because the inclusion of music helps a movie in many ways than we could ever imagine. We cannot mention all these reasons here, however, one major reason is the fact that it enhances the emotion of a movie bringing out the best in the moods of each scene which will be impactful on the audience. 

As an artist, creating a song for a movie is a great way to grow your brand. How can you write a great song for your movie audience?

Tips Needed to write a perfect song for a movie

Since this is not just about writing a song but about writing a song for a movie, there are certain requirements for song composition. The following are tips that movie songwriters will need to write that perfect song for a movie.

  • Know about the movie. Songwriters should know what the movie they are about to compose a song for is all about so they do not write out of the concept. For instance, if the movie is about hope or sad love/romance story, what a songwriter needs to do is build their song composition around that concept and not outside it.
  • Understand your role. Songwriters need to be careful not to overdo it by assuming the role of film directors. Although film directors may absolutely give songwriters the privilege to use their discretion, in reality, songwriters work for film directors and they may have to go with the opinions of film directors.
  • Start simple. It is always best for songwriters to start their compositions with simple lines and keep building until a perfect song is done. Starting off with complicated lines may cause delays.
  • Collaborate. Working with other people on the production of a movie helps songwriters. Once they can see the movie the way film directors see it, they will surely deliver a perfect song because it would have gone through necessary criticism which could have helped while composing.
  • Consider sound palette while writing. The impact this will leave on an audience cannot be overemphasized. If movie song composers keep their sound dynamics the same, the audience experiences a more meaningful experience with the movie.


Songwriters can be contracted by film producers/directors or a film production company. They will find it beneficial. It is advisable for them to expand their careers by accepting deals such as this in the future because it paves the way to a bigger brand. The tips described above are very important for songwriters to adopt when they want to write a song that will be used in a movie.

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