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Ready to head back to 'Clone High'? Get pumped for the HBO Max reboot with JFK's most iconic quotes from the original series.

Celebrate the return of ‘Clone High’ with JFK’s most iconic quotes

Beloved cult series Clone High has officially been given a reboot over at HBO Max. For those who don’t know, this 13-episode series that ran from 2002-2003 follows the teenage clones of various historical figures in high school dealing with modern-day issues while trying to live up to their “clone-fathers” and “clone-mothers” legacies. The show was made to parody such teen dramas at the time, such as Dawson’s Creek.

Clone High, which was created by Chris Miller & Phil Lord, featured the clones of Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra, and JFK, who all fall into various stereotypes. From awkward nerd Lincoln to popular d-bag JFK, Clone High getting that reboot is going to be great. While there were a lot of excellent quotes from the show over its brief run, JFK got some of the best lines.

So let’s take a moment to relive them.

Iconic JFK quotes

*popping in and out of bathroom to taunt Abe and Gandhi* “I will see you there. And by will, I mean won’t. HA HA HA! / Because you’re not invited. I, er, wasn’t sure if I was clear on that earlier. So you’re not. Invited that is. / TO MY PARTY!! / Forgot to wash my hands . . .”

JFK: Gay foster dads, can I watch Will & Grace with you?
Gay foster dad: But you usually watch SportsCenter up in your room, baby.
JFK: I’ve been thinking of switching channels . . .  and I’m a little scared.
Gay foster dad: Getting into a new show can be a little uncomfortable, but once you get into the rhythm of it you’ll be on your knees begging for more.

“No, no, no! Like this! ‘Fo-wah, suppah, I, er, uh, wanna party plattah!’”

JFK: Hey, you! Half Pint, Junior Mint, Pipsqueak, Tiny Tim, Yardstick, Snack Pack, Wee Fella, Brown Leprechaun!
Gandhi: Are you talking to me?

“Do you mind? Some of us are trying to nail Catherine the Great here… Or should I say Catherine the So-So?”

“This is a very tough time for me, without Cleo I’m a broken man. Hey, let’s all go swimming in my pool, and by pool I mean bath tub, and by swimming, I mean *sex*.”

JFK: *to Joan of Arc* Are uh you drunk enough to sleep with me?
Joan: *kicks JFK in the face*
JFK: Answer the question.

“Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys.” *car immediately flips over*

“I didn’t see it coming either. And by ‘it’, I mean ME.” 

“I’m a Kennedy. I’m not accustomed to tragedy.” 

“Holy Toledo. They’re fighting in their skivvies.” 

“Ask not what your student body president can do for you . . . Ask what you can do to your student body president’s body.”

Gandhi: Shut up!
JFK: You shut up!
Gandhi: Nooo . . . you shut up!
JFK: *gasping* Did you just tell me to shut up?
Gandhi: I did.
JFK: Shut up!

“Hey baby, want a corsage? ‘Cause I got a delicate flower for ya . . .  in my pants!”

“I can’t see due to the glare from Mena Suvari’s enormous forehead.”

“My abs are so firm, you can grate cheese on them.” 

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