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Cheddar Holt has passed. We revisit the legacy of the good dog from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’.

RIP Cheddar Holt: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ scenes show he was a good dog

There are plenty of iconic characters on NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, from our regulars of the 99th precinct to the criminals who’ve made frequent stops, to the family members of our beloved detectives. But no one is more iconic than the smartest character on the show: Cheddar Holt, Captain Holt and his husband Kevin’s corgi.

Cheddar is the best dressed, most talented member of the cast, played by several dogs, most recently by Stewart, who played Cheddar from his one appearance in season four to the end of season 5. But alas, last week the tragic news was announced by Stewart’s owners that he passed away. The “no common bitch” corgi will walk the halls of the Nine-Nine no longer, or at least Stewart won’t. Stewart was already replaced by his sister Stella last season, so we’re guessing the cheeky character of Cheddar will live on.

Let’s reminisce about the best of Cheddar, his ups and downs: the best moments from our favorite alpha dog.

Jake & Amy dog-sitting Cheddar

Season three saw Jake & Amy given the privilege to house-sit for Holt and his husband, which includes taking care of their sweetheart Cheddar. They mistakenly leave the front door open, out which Cheddar runs free.

The entire squad has to work together to try and find Cheddar without Holt or Kevin finding out he got away. Of course, Cheddar is loyal and just ran away to his favorite walk spot: the bench in the park near the apartment.

Cheddar’s Instagram

Terry & Gina try to help Holt get more followers on social media, and one of the ways is to post cute photos of Cheddar in cute dog outfits. Of course, Holt knows better than to torture his dog like that and says that Cheddar “only wears booties in the snow”.

Later, Holt reveals to Terry & Gina that he & Kevin started an Instagram account for Cheddar, because of course they did. Corgis are easily the internet’s favorite dog; that account would blow up so quickly. 

Cheddar’s part in the Halloween Heists

In seasons four through six, Cheddar played some role in each Halloween Heist episode. In season six, Cheddar’s chew toy is used as a hiding spot for Scully’s medical alert bracelet, which then makes him the perfect weapon for getting the alert bracelet. Season four, Holt trains Cheddar to steal the plaque from Santiago.

But in season five, Amy’s dog allergy bites her in the butt when she tries to switch out Cheddar to stop Holt from using him to steal the cummerbund from her. Of course, Holt recognizes the fake immediately, calling Cheddar’s doppelganger “some common bitch”, and figures out from Amy’s sneezing she took him. 

Stuck in the bathroom with Amy, Jake, and Terry

Cheddar’s introduction is one of the funniest moments of the first season, as Terry, Jake, and Amy hide out in Holt’s bathroom when Kevin and Holt come upstairs. Terry’s already mad at the other two for coming upstairs and snooping, but then they realize they’re trapped in there with an adorable dog — which Amy’s allergic to.

Of course, Amy can’t control her allergy, and Holt calls her out on it. Thankfully everything ends well even if the three of them were hiding in Holt’s bathroom.

The cutest ring-bearer of all time, with a major taste for wedding cake

Jake & Amy’s wedding definitely didn’t go off without a hitch, but they thought they had the perfect fix putting Cheddar in charge of the rings. Holt trained him how to walk down the aisle with the rings, and everything looked like smooth sailing. 

But then, someone (*cough cough* Cheddar *cough cough*) got into the wedding cake and stuffed himself into a food coma. The bomb squad was able to donate their robot to use as the ring-bearer to fill in for Cheddar and save the wedding.

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