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To honor our favorite detectives and their saltiest burns, here are the best sex tape titles from Fox’s 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

“Title of your sex tape”: ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine”s running gag

All of Mike Schur’s shows have the same strange running joke that’d get old in real life – but you laugh at it every time while watching. Parks & Recreation had “Treat yo’ self”, The Good Place has “Ya basic”, and of course, there is the adored “Name of your sex tape” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

While normally Jake’s line, several others of the Nine-Nine have appropriated the line. Charles, Amy, Gina, and even Holt himself have made attempts to name Amy’s (and sometimes Jake’s) sex tape. Some are creative, some are cringeworthy, and some are actually endearing.

Well, as endearing as a joke about a sex tape can be. 

The world of the ninety-ninth precinct is strange – so to honor our favorite detectives and their saltiest burns, here are the best sex tape titles from Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We’ll try to pick on everyone, even if Amy is everyone’s favorite target.

Amy’s best sex tape titles

  • Kind, Dressed, and Fully Sober
  • I’m Horrible at This 
  • I’m With Someone; Nothing’s Going to Happen
  • Better Not Bite Me in the Ass
  • Not Even Going to Touch That
  • Oh My God, I’m Shaking, I’m Definitely Gonna Cry
  • It’s Not Your Fault. I Was Terrible.

Jake’s best sex tape titles

  • I Came Alone
  • Jake & Amy
  • I Hope It Wasn’t a Mistake
  • Why Doesn’t Your Mouth Work
  • Judge Marinovich
  • One More “But” and You’re in Contempt

Boyle’s best sex tape titles

  • Jake and Amy are Getting Married Tonight
  • But Why Don’t We Take This Map and This Sextant and Chart a Course for the Restaurant
  • That’s Not How Holes Work
  • It’s Hard for Some People
  • Holt
  • My Mother Has a Fantastic Basement
  • Title of Your Sex-tant Tape

Scully’s best sex tape title

  • There’s Not Even Any Soft Parts in the Middle That We Can Pull Apart

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