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It might not be close to Halloween, but that didn’t stop Terry. Take our 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' quiz and find out if you're the Ultimate Human/Genius.

Con your loved ones. Take our ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Halloween quiz

Do you remember when Halloween used to be a holiday involving costumes and candy? Yeah, we don’t either. If you’re living for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween episodes, we’ve got a big treat for you.

Halloween at Brooklyn Nine-Nine is more than the convoluted plots, the triple / quadruple / quintuple crossing, Cheddar’s excellent stealth skills – more than Halloween itself! At this stage, it might as well be its own holiday: a holiday to celebrate by planning elaborate cons on our loved ones in an attempt to steal their treasured belongings.

Let’s reminisce about the best of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine''s Cheddar Holt, his ups and downs: the most iconic moments from our favorite alpha dog.

It might not be anywhere close to Halloween, but that didn’t stop Terry, and it won’t stop us. Take the quiz below and tweet @ us with your score to find out if you definitively, absolutely are the Ultimate Human/Genius.

Film Daily’s ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine” quiz: A place where everybody knows your name is hell

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