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A new 'Sex and the City' sequel is on the way. Disrobe the rumors and find out if Charlotte will appear with her kids from the original series.

Does Charlotte from ‘Sex and the City’ have children? Peek at the rumors

In reboot news, there are seldom shows more highly anticipated than the Sex and the City sequel. Yes, fans of Carrie and the girls can’t get enough of the series, even after two feature-length movies and two seasons of a spinoff prequel. Lucky for them, a third sequel is coming out which will give Sex and the City freaks five more hours of content, and fans are all ready to break out the cosmos and watch.

However, the new Sex and the City series will bring fans a different kind of TV show. Not only will the beloved ladies of the big apple be out of their flirty thirties and deep into their nifty fifties, but also we may not see everyone we’re expecting. Some fans wonder if we’ll see the little bundles of joy Charlotte so struggled to acquire in the original series. Reports this week gave some details. Here’s what we found.

And Just Like That

The latest installment to the Sex and the City franchise has been hyped for some time. 

Fans flocked to theaters when the Sex and the City movie and its sequel Sex and the City 2 dropped in 2008 & 2010 respectively. The films aired four & six years after the original series ended in 2004, and fans are just as eager for more NSFW NYC eleven years after the last Sex and the City story dropped.

The new series is called And Just Like That, using a classic Carrie-ism title to wink at the show’s diehard cult following. But if you know anything about And Just Like That, you know there will be one glaring difference in the new show from the original series. Reports have been pumping the info for what seems like months now – Kim Cattrall won’t return for the new show.

Altered outfit

Yes, our sex-positive queen of Manhattan will be absent from the upcoming Sex and the City series, and some of us feel like the new show will feel like a Gucci dress without the perfect pair of shoes.

 However, the people behind And Just Like That seem to be moving forward regardless, and have gotten everyone else we might want to see from the gang for the new series. So who else can we expect to see in And Just Like That?

Entertainment Weekly reported on Monday that we can expect to see a whole bunch of boys & girls from Sex and the City in And Just Like That. Of course, we know we’ll see Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte in the new show, but the fun won’t stop there. Reports say we’ll see the lovable & hilarious snarky side boys Stanford Blatch & Anthony Marentino (played by Willie Garson & Mario Cantone respectively) in the new show.

Furthermore, the boys are all truly back in town with Chris Noth’s Mr. Big, David Eigenberg’s Steve Brady, and Evan Handler’s Harry Goldenblatt all signed on. One of the most sentimental plotlines of the Sex and the City series & movie plotlines is Harry & Charlotte’s journey to parenthood. After the couple adopts in the series and miraculously conceive in the second (cringe-filled) sequel.

So will the next generation of NYC’s flirty fashionistas appear in And Just Like That?

All grown up

Reports say pictures dropped this week showing grown up versions of Charlotte & Harry’s little ones from the original series. Furthermore, Lily & Rose Goldenblatt won’t be the only zoomers showing up in the new series. Reports say Miranda & Steve’s little Brady Hobbes will show up all grown up as well.

We can’t speak to who else might show up from the original series in And Just Like That. The baby talker? Trey? Aiden? We’ll just have to tune into the ten-episode sequel series when the show drops (whenever that is).

What’s your favorite Sex and the City episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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