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From Jennifer Aniston to Shania Twain, get ready to laugh your butt off as you realize that celebrity Instagram comments are as chaotic as everyone else's!

15 Hilarious Celebs’ Instagram Comments Which Went Viral

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? And it’s hard to find a person who would deny dropping a bomb of humor on IG replies too. Celebrities are receiving a lot of attention on Insta, and they rarely lose the chance to share a fine wit online.

Humor is one of the most powerful weapons that secure growth on social platforms, especially when you want to elevate your Instagram account by buying comments and other stats for IG. Here are collected:

  • top funny comments that celebrities dropped online,
  • and also some useful tips for making your profile popular with jokes!

1. Jamie Lynn Spears

She obviously had some time to scroll through Instagram, just couldn’t leave this quite an extra piece of news unnoticed. A great joke always has a piece of truth in it!

celebrity instagram comments

Shania Twain

She also has some guts to laugh over herself. Being an iconic singer, she definitely can drop the bomb in the Instagram comments when she finds an original post featuring her creations.

celebrity instagram comments

3. Jennifer Aniston

This woman is well known for her humorous temper and impeccable charisma. The effect is doubled when she meets another master of laughter online. Enjoy her comments on IG!

celebrity instagram comments

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

On the contrary to Jen, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t seem to appreciate strange Instagram humor. Well, sometimes it really is a cringe, Gwyneth!

celebrity instagram comments

5. Jennifer Garner

People rave when they see their favorite celebrity is just a human. Jennifer Garner’s Fans were pleased to discuss some TV show material with her in the Instagram comments. Love how you share your life with us, Jen. Way to go for getting more love from your audience!

celebrity instagram comments

6. Demi Lovato

She loves a good meme, as we see. She could not resist reacting to the hilarious post she saw on IG with replies.

celebrity instagram comments

7. John Mayer and Lenny Kravitz

What do you do? Where are you at? – users loved how Lenny Kravitz jokes in the Instagram comments with his bro over the new photo. What a bromance!

celebrity instagram comments

8. Martha Stewart

Despite her royal age, she is no stranger to social media too. Her response to Antoni is completely hilarious yet exquisite and subtle.

celebrity instagram comments

9. Matthew McConaughey

Some bonds are timeless. So, Matthew McConaughey is obviously still nice pals with his film partner Kate Hudson, who posted a nostalgic piece from the famous How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

celebrity instagram comments

10. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

When he and his partner Justin Mikita became parents, some people felt the need to discuss the name this couple had given to their son. Luckily, Jesse doesn’t have to think long before spilling a brilliant and funny answer to such people in the comments on IG.

celebrity instagram comments

11. Chad Michael Murray

How many memories does that name bring? The star of One Tree Hill also loves some nostalgia, and his former series partner, Hilarie Burton, also sends her genuine love. Celebrities just want to show us how important it is to keep in touch, even in years to come.

celebrity instagram comments

12. January Jones

The phenomenon of resting b**ch face is unexplainable. Who could know that better than January Jones?

celebrity instagram comments

13. Khloe Kardashian

She drives lots of attention to her persona every day. Sometimes witty remarks are the best weapon available for discussions in the IG comments.

celebrity instagram comments

14. Zach Braff

He definitely knows how to drive some interest in his persona. One of his best comments on Instagram was the one under Emilia Clarke’s photo. Laconic and hilarious!

celebrity instagram comments

15. Katy Perry

This girl and her husband, Orlando Bloom, show how proper marriage is done. Big love is impossible without a dash of wisecrack remarks, so Katie picks her darling when she sees the opportunity in the IG replies.

celebrity instagram comments

Why Humor Is Important For Growth On Social Media

As you can see, no one would deny a good laugh. Even celebrities pay attention to memes and jokes online, which is a fantastic way to gain an audience. Humor provides positive emotions and helps users relate to the blogger, so you should never neglect a classy wit. Here are the top tips for inlaying wisecrack remarks into your Instagram growth strategy.

Catch On The Trends

Memes and jokes are often a reaction to the ongoing events and situations that are taking place in society and culture, as well as politics. Using such content in the IG comments is an easy way to:

  • engage with your viewers,
  • reach more users,
  • and get some topics to discuss, which is beneficial for your activity and connection with people.

Along with using existing memes, you can create your own and get the interest of new users, exposing your opinion in a comic form as a method to start a conversation in Instagram comment section.

Focus On Relatable Things

It is great to entertain your audience by sharing your daily life with a dash of humor. For example, you can have a great laugh the next morning after a party and also ask your supporters to share their methods to beat the hangover. Such usual themes are effective for your popularity on social platforms because it’s a thing that bonds you with the audience and makes you look more humane.

Humanize Your Blog

Jokes are an excellent method to build trustworthy relationships with your target audience. To do that, you need to choose content that they can relate to and associate with your blog. Also, your Instagram comments have to reflect your personality, being detailed in a complex strategy targeted at attracting more people to your profile and engaging them. Choose a manner that fits you best, but don’t overload your content with humor if it is not the purpose of your blog.

Don’t Be Afraid To Poke Yourself

Some people don’t like when they are the object of a joke. But sometimes self-deprecating is a useful tactic for increasing your popularity on Instagram. It takes courage to make a good laugh of yourself, and thus, the audience respects you more and feels that you are open to them.

Besides, such comments on IG are extremely authentic, which is great for your progress. This method works great for brands and personal blogs, providing positive associations with your profile. And, when you make a laugh of yourself, nobody gets offended – one less thing to be worried about.


Humor is a great way to build:

  • strong relationships with your fans
  • and turn them into a loyal community.

People actively engage with funny content, so you should use jokes and memes in comments for Instagram as an organic method to improve your activity rates on any platform you choose. Besides, such content is easier to promote because people love it and react to it positively.

Also, many modern trends and cultural topics are fine material for new memes as well. Thus, it is easy to piggyback on something viral, organically promoting your blog with the help of IG comments. And who knows, maybe your witty comment or meme can attract the attention of a celebrity, who will interact with your content and make you a target for the attention of a much bigger audience.

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