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Harry's not just a musical maestro; he's a fashion icon too, famously becoming the face of GUCCI TAILORING.

Do these memes of Harry Styles actually prove he’s single?

Harry Styles is an icon in several aspects, memes aren’t the exemption. At the beginning of his career in One Direction, Styles & Tomlinson became the content of several bromance memes. The band split and apparently so did the bromance, but Harry kept being iconic. Most of Harry’s memes are from his early career and the Fine Line album era. 

Harry Styles has become each time more extravagant & campy, this might be the reason fewer memes about him pop, like Harry became a meme himself. For some, memes are contemporary art, for others trash, but they’re definitely the top ongoing expression. Humor is a powerful resource to probe how people think of a determined topic.

In cases of celebrities & fandoms, memes allow us to see how the public perceives the artists and how humor evolves through time. So, as these images are something made by the audiences and not directly by the celebs, it would be hard to determine if Harry is single on this. Also, even if it was really specific, meme humor always leads to multiple interpretations. 

However, here’s a collection of some memes about Harry Styles, who will be soon in concert with his new album, Harry’s House

Fine Line Era 

Fine Line is definitely a determinant album in Styles’s career. The first album he launched under his name was a big step to presenting himself as a soloist and experimenting with his musical possibilities & styles without a band. Yet, Fine Line was the album he launched when everyone already knew how talented he was on his own, adding extra pressure. 

This album also inaugurated the chapter of Styles’ queer activism, when several theories were made on the color selection relating it to the trans flag. The album launched in 2019, before the pandemic, and the Love On Tour concert began on September 4th, yet, it was interrupted by the pandemic. Luckily, after postponing, the tour resumed and will be ending on March 7th, 2023. 

In fact, Love On Tour was one of the first full capacity indoor arena concert cycles in the U.S. after the pandemic. Is Harry Styles not fine? Well, at least his tour achieved a total of ninety-five million and sold 719,000 tickets from the performance of forty-two shows.

Oh, you were serious

There are several ways to make a meme, but honestly, our favorites from Styles are the ones that include his facial expression. Styles is a highly expressive person and this makes him meme material almost in any situation, at interviews, or a concert, and even when eating take-out. However, these memes are more dedicated to the usage of the audience than to explaining a particular moment in the celeb’s life.

It’s impressive how Harry Styles has managed to make himself an icon in many aspects. He’s definitely a talented musician, a questionable but queer figure, a fashion statue, and now a funny image you can send through a WhatsApp sticker. Is there anything that Styles doesn’t have? 

Does it look like I’m f****ng ok?

Can we talk about how Styles is super conscious that this image will become a meme from the moment the picture was taken? 

As we mentioned before, memes and art, in general, tend to speak more about the person that created them than the represented figure. There are tons of memes about Harry not being fine, but is this just a collective shout on how people are not having a good time in general? It would be totally reasonable, honestly, we’re just running out from a historical event that changed our lives. 

It looks like after all this chaotic energy,  at least we have memes to laugh at and Harry’s House to cry to. 

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