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Harry Styles's new album 'Harry's House' has awakened the conspiracy of a collab with One Direction former member Louis Tomlinson. But is this happening?Harry Styles's new album 'Harry's House' has awakened the conspiracy of a collab with One Direction former member Louis Tomlinson. But is this happening?Harry Styles's new album 'Harry's House' has awakened the conspiracy of a collab with One Direction former member Louis Tomlinson. But is this happening?

Have Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson created a collab in secret?

Harry Styles’s new album’s first song “As It Was” just dropped. If you haven’t listened to it, go and watch the music video now because we’ll be discussing it. On the other hand, the entire album Harry’s House will be out on March 20th, so we’ll have to wait some days still, but what’s the rush on this album? And why is it so polemic when it isn’t out yet? 

Since Harry Styles announced new music was coming, former One Direction fans started conspiring on a possible collaboration with Louis Tomlinson. Even though all band members are loved & recognized by fans, there really was something captivating between Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson. However, it seems that Larry Stylinson’s bromance didn’t end well.  

Nevertheless, several years have gone by, just keep in mind that One Direction accomplished ten years in 2020, and we all ignored the band’s emotional situation. There’s no formal evidence of a collaboration between Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson happening in Harry’s House. Yet, it’s almost a fact we’ll have the four One Direction members rejoined sooner than we expect. 

What happened to Louis Tomlinson? 

It looks like Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson went through the effects of extreme mediation. Even though they only were good-loving friends they became the target of extreme hypersexualization from fans. Louis Tomlinson has reported they got to a point where it became profoundly uncomfortable and felt watched the entire time. This bromance also brought him trouble with his former girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

It’s sad thinking about the way external comments can destroy beautiful intimate things, yet we’ve normalized that as the price of visibility. Nevertheless, this happened to all One Direction members. Niall Horan mentioned in an interview in 2021 that all One Direction members were grateful to their fans, but it was hard not having access to privacy. 

All band members have grown up, yet, it might have been hard dealing with that exposure at age seventeen. Coexistence is honestly the hardest thing in life, and sharing a project like a band is a heavy responsibility. Even though all members seem to love each other, let’s keep in mind they were created by Simon Cowell, it was never an organic reunion at all and they were all young.

The end of One Direction

The band took a turn right after  Zayn Malik abandoned the band in 2015. It also looks like Styles wasn’t the only friend Tomlinson lost, apparently, he was close to Malik too and things didn’t end up well. Malik apologized to fans saying he couldn’t handle that lifestyle anymore, but that doesn’t make sense because he kept being visible and doing music. 

Malik also mentioned to Vogue not to consider himself friends with any of the band members, in fact, he didn’t present at Tomlinson’s mother’s funeral. And while everyone was conspiring on Styles’s first album to be dedicated to Tomlinson, Malik was the one dedicating songs to him. Apparently “Good Years”, Malik’s song from 2018 portrays his difficult & painful friendship with Tomlinson. 

Even though One Direction was the band of the moment for a time, its split definitely let its members experiment with their own styles. However, it is natural for fans to feel nostalgic and conspire. We’ll need to wait for the Harry’s House album to find out several things, others we’ll never understand. But is Styles’s new album a promising one?

As It Was 

“As It Was” is Styles’s newest song, also a really personal one. It looks like Harry’s House will be full of self-references, which could make it an autobiographical album to some extent. This song talks about the unbearable feeling of being at a vulnerable moment remembering how things used to be. 

The music video starts with mature Styles in a ridiculously fashionable red coat, the whole video is full of great outfits. It’s unbelievable watching the One Direction former members at the beginning of their careers and the way they’re all finding their style.

Even though Billy Porter questioned Styles on appropriating some queer aesthetics, Styles really makes his last name fit him. However, let’s hope this coming album will be something that lets fans forget all the One Direction drama.

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