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Harry Styles's new album 'Harry's House' has awakened conspiracy from One Direction fans. Will Louis Tomlinson collab in Styles's new album?

Are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson about to collab?

When it comes to relationships there are mainly three possibilities, it getting stronger, weakening, or entirely disappearing. Even though One Direction is remembered with love, and everyone has their favorite members, Louis Tomlinson & Harry Styles’s bromance couldn’t be unnoticed. But what happened to their bond after the band detached? Are Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson still friends?

Sadly, it looks like Larry Stylinson’s friendship has not aged well, but this doesn’t mean the boys aren’t friends anymore, they just stopped being that close. But why? Louis Tomlinson has declared all the morbidity around his bond with Harry Styles did affect their relationship. Let’s not forget they were strongly sexualized and countless fanfiction tales were built around their amity.

Louis Tomlinson has shared that it became uncomfortable having all those viewers over him and Harry Styles, always assuming things far from reality. However, in 2022, One Direction teenage fans are now graduating from college and a Larry Stylinson reboot might have a completely different view. But are Tomlinson & Styles soon collaborating? 

Is Larry Stylinson coming back? 

All good things come to an end, and it seems that this bromance did too. However, it isn’t necessarily something negative, but quite the opposite, it evolved. But besides the hypersexualization of their bond, were there other things that affected their friendship?

According to an interview Tomlinson gave to The Guardian, Styles always being “the cool one” made him feel forgettable to a certain point. Yet, he mentioned this was something that happened to him with all the other members, which have their special attributes. 

Also, some bandmates’ competitions did start after One Direction split and each member started their solo career. Nevertheless, this looks like a personal feeling for Tomlinson that particularly awakened the day of the interview. The truth is these two have never fought publicly and the love they have for each other is undeniable from the outside.

However, despite their competition and the hypersexualization of their bond, Tomlinson mentioned still being friends with Styles in 2019 to Hits Radio Breakfast. But do not be fooled, it looks like Tomlinson is currently further related with Liam Payne & Niall Horan than he is with Styles. Yet, will this change now that Styles is launching a new album?

On the other side, at a Rolling Stone interview in 2019, Styles mentioned being eternally grateful to One Direction. The star also said he would totally rejoin the band eventually and, except for Zayn, the four members have shown interest in reforming the band someday. In the end, for a moment One Direction was the band everyone talked about.

Harry’s House

When Styles launched his first album under his name, a conspiracy started on the song “Sweet Creature” to be dedicated to Tomlinson. Then, this gossip moved to Tomlinson’s first album as a response to Styles. However, both artists denied the two assumptions. 

Since Styles’s album Harry’s House was announced, the conspiracy about a Larry Stylinson comeback started. All One Direction former fans would definitely love watching these two together again. Besides, it would be a badass selling strategy and it’ll be great having this public revolutionary reference for male friendship.

Yet, there’s no tangible evidence of a collaboration between Styles & Tomlinson happening. All news about Larry Stylinson goes back to 2020. Also, there would be at least an allusion to Tomlinson on the art related to the album that has been published on its Instagram account under the name “You Are Home”. 

Right now, all fans can do is conspire, still, the album is coming soon and it looks like we’ll have to wait to find several things out. Still, may all this secrecy & doubts about Larry Stylinson serve to make directioners become more conscious of their fandom. In general, all audiences should sensitize to the license they took to transgress public figures.


Do you think Styles & Tomlinson are soon collaborating? Tell us in the comments below! 

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