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Do you have what it takes to be on Family Feud? Our favorite actresses and actors sure do! Here's the best episodes of Celebrity Family Feud.

Playing to win: The most iconic episodes of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ to air

It’s true – everything Steve Harvey touches turns to gold! With his incredible game show Celebrity Family Feud, we all got addicted and wished our family could compete! Despite those challenging questions, we enjoyed every bit of the hilarious answers and dad jokes. 

If you’re not familiar with Celebrity Family Feud, and you’re wondering: “Why would celebrities go on a thousand dollar game show?”, that’s because these celebrities are answering questions to hopefully win a grand prize for their beloved charities. 

So let’s take a look at some of our favorite Celebrity Family Feud episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy vs Station 19

In season 5, episode 6, it was the battle of the Shonda Rhimes TV shows: Grey’s Anatomy & Station 19. If anyone was going to take home the gold, we really thought it would be Grey’s Anatomy. After all, how many awards did the fictional show promote? But luckily, these questions were basic medical answers so there was no need for Dr. Grey.

Starring some of Grey’s Anatomy’s cast like Kelly McCreary, Chandra Wilson, James Pockens Jr., Sarah Drew against Station 19’s Jason George, Barrett Doss, and Jaina Lee Ortiz, there’s definitely going to be a fire that needs to be put out. 

Black-ish vs The Goldbergs

Who doesn’t love a good family sitcom that makes you reminisce about your childhood? Well, in this Celebrity Family Feud episode we’ve got only the best TV shows suitable for all our crazy family: Black-ish & The Goldbergs. The episode stars Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jeff Garlin, and many more of your favorite ABC sitcom cast. 

Between Steve Harvey’s sense of humor, Garlin & Anderson’s jokes, who has the time to answer questions? In season 6, episode 11, the ABC family will keep you entertained! 

Steph Curry vs Chris Paul

Now we know basketball season was just around the corner. But did you get a chance to watch Steph Curry & Chris Paul show their trivia skills in Celebrity Family Feud? So if you missed the Golden Warriors vs Phoenix Suns this NBA season, then you better watch the action-packed night of fun with Steve Harvey in season 5, episode 3. 

Starting with a confusing Popeye stripper question, and slowly running out of time, it looks like the Golden Warriors might remain undefeated in this charity game. 

The Bachelors vs The Bachelorettes

Celebrity Family Feud is nothing without a little bit of drama, but in this special episode of The Bachelors vs The Bachelorettes, the roses are gone, but the tension in the room is high! Thankfully, Steve Harvey’s heart isn’t on the line, but money for their favorite charities is. 

In season 3, episode 6, members of Bachelor Nation like Shawn Booth, Ben Higgens, Andi Dorfman, Sarah Herron, and Kaitlyn Bristowe, give Steve Harvey a run for his money with these charming answers. Does anyone know what a woman wants that’s large & luscious? We’ll give you a hint, it’s not brain or eyes. Nice try, Bachelors.

The Office vs SNL

Unfortunately not the entire cast of The Office or SNL were featured on Steve Harvey’s Celebrity Family Feud, but The Office’s Craig Robinson, and SNL’s Casey Wilson definitely represented their hit comedy shows when they fought for the podium! 

In season 5, episode 8, the comedians bring their families and go head-to-head for the $25,000 prize. When Robinson decides to kill fast money, that’s when the show takes a turn. Not only does the episode challenge Robinson to think quick on his feet, but he puts his brother in a tricky situation with the last question of the night: “Name something you might buy a bar of?” 

What’s your favorite Celebrity Family Feud episode? Let us know in the comments below. 

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