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Britney Spears conservatorship: Young fans worry it continues

Our only wish this year is for our queen Britney to finally get peace. Iconic pop singer Britney Spears was freed from the thirteen-year conservatorship she was under in November 2021, but is there any chance she will ever get back there? Since she left this toxic regime back under legal authorization, several people have been criticizing her social media activity. But are those critics valid or just prejudicial?

Conservatorships are quite a complex topic since they limit people’s autonomy completely. It’s undeniable that there are certain cases when there’s no other choice but to be taken care of by someone else, but who is that person going to be? Was Britney’s father prepared emotionally to take full responsibility for her ethically? The pop star has described her father as a controller several times. 

It’s easy to lose all our senses when we’re young, now imagine what that means if you grew under the spotlight in the full 2000 decade. Several celebs from that time are still recovering from substance abuse & eating disorders. Amanda Bynes & Lindsay Lohan are other examples of feminine public figures that went through hell and lost their mind. Britney’s conservatorship is over, but was it a mistake?

As the truth behind Britney Spears's father continues to be exposed, a disturbing new claim ranks as the most insane. Did he actually wiretap her bedroom?

Did the conservatorship last too long?

As we mentioned before, this topic has several shades that must be considered. The truth is Britney did need help the moment she first entered into a conservatorship regime, that’s not in discussion. However, was that regime the ideal one? Was it useful but lasted more than it should? Those are some of the questions that run through our heads when we think of this hard topic. 

Recently Jaimie Spears, Britney’s father gave an interview to the Mail on Sunday after a decade of maintaining himself out of all mediatic sources. In this interview, he strongly defended the conservatorship he made her daughter go through without nuances. He called this regime a “great tool” that protected Britney and her two young children, mentioning other situations that should be considered.

According to Mr. Spears, the general public has the wrong idea about what the conservatorship involved. In the words of Jaimie, Britney “was broke” at the moment the conservatorship was established and it was thanks to this regime that she could re-establish herself economically. This declaration must be read delicately because the main goal of #FreeBritney was to make her economically independent.

Not only did Jaimie have full control of Britney’s bank accounts, no matter if they were fully broken, but he also had custody of her two children. The truth is Britney needed to attend to herself to be able to take care of her children, but was there a time when she reached stability and was still trapped? 

Britney Spears has finally kicked her father from her conservatorship. After this battle, how much is the pop star worth?

Was the conservatorship a mistake?

Britney’s father mentioned, “Where would Britney be right now without that conservatorship? I don’t know if she’d be alive. I don’t”. Something had to be done at the time to protect Britney from herself going through a bad moment, which we all go through honestly. From that perspective, conservatorship wasn’t a mistake, but it’s clear that it wasn’t managed in the best way.

Cases like Amanda Bynes, who also ended her conservatorship this year, show that it is possible to have an ethical conservatorship. Byne’s parents were always supportive of her and always gave a place to her desires. She keeps a great relationship with her whole family. 

Nevertheless, Britney’s case is different, she’s constantly judged for having young & “crazy” behavior just for enjoying herself. We think most of her conservatorship was elongated by her father’s prejudice & control, not because she needed it anymore. Hopefully, Mr. Spears won’t do it again, but if he does, Britney won’t be alone this time.

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