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Need to find new book genres and recommendations? Learn more about the rise of Booktok and see what you can add to you TBR list.

BookTok: Browse these book genres with your favorite TikTokers

Ever thought hours of scrolling through TikTok could help your reading habit? Well, #BookTok is proving to do so as millions of book lovers joined under the hashtag are sharing their favorite (& least favorite) genres, recommendations, memes, and so much more.

BookTok is proving TikTok to be so much more than mindless challenges and dance covers. In the depths of viral TikTok, there exists a literary sanctuary going by the name of “BookTok” where creators discuss, analyze, and dissect their favorite books – and pertaining book genres. 

With over 4.4 million viewers, #BookTok largely centers around YA fiction as does the video trends app. From dystopian franchises to period romances, BookTok has readers covering various plotlines, characterizations, book genres, and even calling out authors for misrepresenting minorities. While it may not be Advanced English Lit., wholesome BookTok lets us regain our faith in the internet. 


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Call for progress

With millennials pooling in the niche community, creators are using this opportunity to voice the need for progress in the literary world. BookTok has become a platform where users are able to push for the inclusion & development of diverse perspectives and having queer characters take the main stage for a change. 

“I like to think that people follow me due to our shared goal of diversifying books,” said sixteen-year-old Faye with TikTok username @/literarylesbian, who regularly creates LGBTQ+ related content.

Movements such as these on BookTok are taking book clubs and book exchange programs of the past to a whole new level. New media might be killing print but it certainly is not doing the same to evergreen literature.


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Forming such a supportive community has led to users finding & making valuable friendships along the way – an opportunity like a diamond in the rough during the pandemic.

Twenty-one year old BookToker (@/whatbritreads), Brittany says, “I’m in a group chat with five other British BookTokers and their friendship this year has been amazing.” She adds, “there honestly isn’t a single person I’ve interacted with in the TikTok book community who hasn’t been completely welcoming and friendly.”

However, as it happens with other internet communities, BookTok is not completely free of bullies. A BookToker from Chicago claims she had to deal with xenophobic abuse via comments & such although much of her experience on the community has been positive. 

Typically, TikTok claims to have “strict community guidelines” about the limitations of its content to protect users, but as the app has grown astronomically over the past year, more & more people are coming out to report negative experiences on the app. 

Book recommendations

Bringing back the Tumblr-fanfiction-and-John-Green days, BookTok seems to be getting more popular with book lovers and happens to succeed in coaxing non-readers and even book authors in joining the community. 

Author of The Last Goodbye, Fiona Lucas; fantasy writer & author of Stolen Sun, Eli Hinze; and romance novelist & author of All I’ve Never Wanted, Ana Huang all use TikTok to share their creative processes. Additionally, the writers essentially conduct informal writing workshops via TikTok – sharing tips & tricks, answering narrative questions, and even providing guidance for aspiring authors.


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If you’re struggling between genres and drawing blank for your next read, check out BookTok featuring some dramatically-named book lists like “books that had me sobbing at 3 am” and “books I would sell my soul to read again”. 

For book lovers who can’t spend hours browsing the aisles of Barnes & Nobles yet due to the ongoing pandemic, BookTok might be your new stop for book recommendations. 


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