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Film Daily’s round-up of the wins, the losses, and the progress in Hollywood today. Find out why Amy Schumer moved aside for Anne Hathaway.

Wins, losses, and progress in Hollywood today

Movers & shakers abound in Hollywood this Tuesday.

Amy Schumer
(Trainwreck) moved over for Anne Hathaway (Les Misérables) to take the lead on plastic fantastic Barbie movie over scheduling conflicts. Expect a pink explosion from June 2018.

President of Warner Bros. Records, Dan McCarroll, said goodbye after 4 years working with “some of the greatest artists of all time”, including Prince and Linkin Park.

The kids are alright! ABC sealed a new 2-season contract & nice raise for Modern Family’s younger cast members, with season 9 due to return this fall.

Hulu welcomed ex-Google exec Kelly Campbell as chief marketing officer to guide its move into live TV after the success of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Shyamalan’s Glass completed its cast with American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson, who will star in the thriller opposite James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) & Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction).

Trouble in paradise

Sony Pictures lost
private funding, while other major studios also plan for financial backlashes & int’l reshuffles from poor box office performance.

BBC’s top female talent wrote an open letter demanding immediate change after the broadcaster’s gender pay-gap was revealed, becoming a “personal priority” for director Tony Hall.

VFX firm Rearden LLC filed for an injunction against Fox, Paramount & Disney, accusing them of using stolen facial capture technology in Deadpool & Terminator: Genisys.

There’s always a silver lining (or five)

Star Trek: Discovery
, the new Netflix original series, leads the franchise into new realms of awesome w/ its first gay character for TV. Live long & represent!

Venice International Film Festival abuzz after announcement of their 74th jury, incl. director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) and a vibrant Critic’s Week lineup.

Girls Trip gave audiences some long-awaited diversity and R-rated comedy, finally breaking Universal’s live-action comedy curse w/ an outstanding $30m opening.

There was a reason your fave TV show didn’t get an Emmy nomination. Reports on the new voting system suggests popular hits The Leftovers & BoJack Horseman weren’t completely snubbed after all.

And finally, starving writers hoping for a break will be glad Final Draft, the scriptwriting software used by the industry, offers 40% off its latest version.

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