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Legion M is a production company, a movie studio, and a multimedia entertainment company, but all funded by fans.

A fishing boat captain's ex-wife tracks him down with a plea for help, ensnaring his life in a new reality that may not be all that it seems

From the creative mind of Oscar-nominee Steven Knight comes 'Serenity', a daringly original, sexy, and stylized thriller.

Beyond standup and sketch comedy, women have also made their mark in the film industry of late. This year, we’re seeing funny women leading a range of different

'Ocean’s 8' is breaking the rules of the boys’ club to push women to the front. It got us wondering how many other badass movies would be different

This summer is shaping up to be a solid season of diverse stories – from sci-fi sizzlers to heart-stopping horrors, here are ten of the hottest blockbusters hitting

Apparently there’s some sort of big wedding happening this weekend? Well, grab your Union Jack flags and start waving them enthusiastically because we’re about to get super regal

Whether it’s refusing to play by the rules of Cannes, making bold and unapologetic declarations about how she’s “totally gay” on Saturday Night Live, or building an eclectic

Another year, another set of movies that are rehashes of old stories. In this booming era of remakes and reboots, 2018 is no different, with a number of