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Happy birthday to voice actor and Dungeon Master extraordinaire, Matthew Mercer! Share your well wishes by looking at the response from Twitter.

Celebrate Matthew Mercer’s birthday with these hilarious Twitter memes

Happy Birthday to voice actor and Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer! The beloved actor is 39-years-old today, which means that the fandoms that love him are more than happy to celebrate his birthday. Whether you know from his voiceover work on such projects like Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, and the Fire Emblem series or his excelling DMing for Critical Role, fans are celebrating Matthew Mercer’s birthday today.

What better place to give some love than on Twitter, where Mercer’s birthday is trending. So, hey, score for Matt. We’re going to dive in through Twitter to see the best well wishes (and memes) for Matthew Mercer’s birthday. 


Fan art!

It looks great. 


From the new D&D fans

Seriously, Critical Role (and Matt’s homebrew world of Exandria) got so many people into Dungeons & Dragons.


The hair is where the magic is

His hair is really something. Matt’s taking a hot boy summer to play our fave himbo dwarven sorcerer, Dariax. 


Crossover we never knew we needed

Love that this implies that Matthew Mercer is from Hawkins.


Hey God

We should clarify. Mercer played God on the new version of Fruit’s Basket.


Heart eyes

Thanks, Matt! 


He has the range, darling

Seriously, Matthew “Man of Thousand Voices” Mercer.



All of the love for Matt!


All the good days!

Seriously, have the best day ever!


Make a wish

Thank you for all the joy that you have brought. So the real question for your birthday is: “how do you want to do this?” and by this, we mean celebrate. 

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