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Twitch saw the end of the Mighty Nein on 'Critical Role' last night. Sob over the ending and wonder over the start of Campaign 3 inside.

Critical Role ended their three-year D&D campaign on Twitch: Will they return?

Critical Role ended its three-year-long second campaign on Twitch last night. With 141 episodes, highs & lows, the adventures of the Mighty Nein have come to an end. Oh, there is gross sobbing from all corners of the web at the moment. It’s been a journey, and now that journey is at an end. With every ending, however, does come a new beginning.

Critical Role is, possibly, the most well-known Dungeons and Dragons based series out there. Amazon has picked up the animated version of its first campaign, Vox Machina, for two seasons. There are millions of fans over the world. Wildemount, the setting for the second campaign, has been given an official Wizards of the Coast book treatment. Wizards of the Coast owns Dungeons and Dragons.

Needless to say, Critical Role is a big deal. While we’re sure that we’re going to get a bunch of one-shots in the following weeks (there’s already one set up where members of Vox Machina fight the Mighty Nein for Friday, June 18), there’s definitely a new campaign on the horizon. 


The Critical Role crew are sorting out their characters

Back in February 2021, Liam O’Brien posted a picture of him holding a mini on his Twitter. The tweet reads, “Got my campaign 3 character all sorted out.” People in the comments say that it looks like a mini for a halfling character with red hair and kind of looks like the Lucky Charms mascot. On the other hand, O’Brien is a tease so this could be a fakeout of some sort.

It’s possible that DM Matthew Mercer realized that things were winding down and had everyone get started on the sheets for the next campaign back in Feb. 2021. The characters in Critical Role have extremely well-developed backstories, which only grow with time. Either way, they could have seen the end is nigh and gotten started on figuring out their next characters.

So when will Critical Role Campaign 3 start?

We’re pushing no one here. Because the 7-hour finale to Campaign 2 was literally last night. Honestly? Puddle of emotions still. Oh boy, that was an ending, you know? Plus, poor Matthew Mercer, he works so hard as a DM. The poor man needs a break. Maybe let others do a one-shot. That’s what happened between the end of the Campaign 1 and the start of Campaign 2: a bunch of fun one-shots. 

So Campaign 1 of Critical Role ended in Oct. 2017 and Campaign 2 started in Jan. 2018. That’s about a five-month break with various one-shots and the like to entertain fans. If you ask us? Let the team have the summer. We’re guessing a start date for Critical Role Campaign 3 will begin in Fall 2021. That way people are open to seeing new characters and a brand new adventure. 

Also, again, give the DM a break to plan some suitably epic. Let others involved step into the DM role. Honestly? We wouldn’t hate seeing another eldritch horror one-shot from Taliesin Jaffe. Just mess us up, our good man. Make us terrified enough to sleep with the lights on. Actually, we think that we’re still owed a one-shot that has Ashley Johnson as the DM. Has that happened yet? 

It’s really over?

The Mighty Nein has ended their adventures. It’s possible they’ll appear later on for one-shots and the like. But, yeah, it’s over. With it, we had a wonderful story of found family, redemption, and trying to leave the world a bit better than when you found it that touched so many people around the globe. It was a wonderful story and the Mighty Nein’s tale will always be there for you to listen and watch again and again.

So, the next question, is it Thursday yet?

What did you think about the story of the Mighty Nein and Critical Role’s Campaign 2? Are you excited about Campaign 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below! 

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