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If you’re an avid Dungeons and Dragons player then you're in the right place. Laugh along with these painfully relatable DnD memes.

Nat 20 for humor: Laugh at these Dungeons and Dragons memes

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game that has been around since the 1970s. The game allows players to create their own scenarios, characters, and challenges – one of the many appealing reasons it’s become so popular. 

Even if the game is construed using the players’ imagination, that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. Actually, the game can be so complex that a single campaign can extend for days.

Whether you’re an avid Dungeons and Dragons player or just looking for memes to pass the time, we’re sure we can make you laugh a little with these killer memes. 

Bards have it tough

Has anyone even stopped to consider how hard a bard’s life is? Sure, they get to musicalize stuff, but they also witness all the massacres. Did you ever think about that? Of course not, you only think about yourself!

What’s it good for?

Dungeon Masters (DMs) have a tough job as they’re in charge of directing the game. We know they have to consider a lot of factors but “giving off a mysterious aura” is just lazy.

If you can’t see them, they can’t see you

Bards can also be really complex characters. Sure, they are mostly known for their music skills but some of them are really good at being stealthy too! Just look at this guy – he almost got us fooled.

Nat 20

If you’re not lucky when rolling the dice, you’re not gonna make it in Dungeons and Dragons – no matter how good you are. The problem is when the dice aren’t even on the DM’s side.

Can you pass me the calculator?

Another underappreciated skill needed to play Dungeons and Dragons is the ability to do mental calculations as you go. Sure, fighting just one enemy seems easy, but what about a horde?

Chaotic evil

One of the most mainstream elements of Dungeons and Dragons is alignment charts. We’ve seen hundreds of memes dedicated to categorizing everything according to alignment charts. Seriously, though, is anyone actually a lawful good?

Kill it with fire

We know we said one of the best parts about Dungeons and Dragons is the ability to use our imagination. Of course, sometimes creativity can be a curse . . . .

Let us guess, another bard?

Creating your own character is harder than some would think. It’s definitely more complex than just choosing a class – you have to create the character’s entire mindset & motivations. Surely no one would fight an orc if they didn’t want to see the world burn.

At least they’re trying

Being a DM is extremely hard. It’s probably the most difficult role of the game. Sure, creating a whole narrative is pretty hard, but the real challenge is having enough patience with the players.


The best part about playing Dungeons and Dragons is when the character’s abilities end up making a great combo which helps players defeat the enemies. Of course, the feeling is even better when the dice are also on your side.

Which of these Dungeons and Dragons memes was your favorite? Let us know below!

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