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Want to play a race in 'Dungeons and Dragons' that's a bit outside the norm? Give these a shot when designing your next PC.

All the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ 5e races that you should play

Dungeons and Dragons players probably feel like Gods, given so much freedom over their games. We often look to games for freedom and the joy that comes from it. Just think of all the places we can go while never leaving our cozy, warm bedrooms & living rooms. 

Players are spoiled for choice when it’s time for choosing a race for their characters. Join us while we explore the best 5e races!


Hailing from The Feywild and the Cloak Wood of West Faerûn, playing a satyr gives us a unique experience partly due to their connection with the Fey, or the Fairy Folk of the Dungeons and Dragons world. Out of the 5e races, the satyr holds a reputation for debauchery & good dirty fun, and they did much to earn that nickname! 

They’re greatly charismatic and hold the ability to utilize a pan flute as a weapon. The satyrs make natural Bards. Their connection with the wilderness Druids & Rangers is equally feasible depending on the dice rolls for different stats. 


The Goliath comes from above the treeline in the high mountains throughout Faerûn. These people tend to be reclusive, quiet, and mysterious. It’s understandable to see why they’ve chosen the harsh, grassless mountains as their home. They believe in the importance of a fair fight in their culture thus are a very worthy addition to the 5e races of Dungeons and Dragons

Yuan-Ti Pureblood

When it comes to the Yuan-Ti races, the pure bloods are the most human-looking. The half-bloods & abominations are usually monsters or enemies in Dungeons and Dragons. They’re not the only ones prone to Neutral Evil but they’re the most notorious for being cast in the role of the villain. 

They’re usually magic users because it’s a natural choice for a race with an Intelligence bonus. Any class requiring some extra Charisma is a great choice. 


Known as the traveling storyteller race, the Tabaxi comes from Nexal which is part of the ancient Maztica Kingdom. They’re agile, sleek and refined. Not only is this the finest choice for the Dungeons and Dragons players who are also cat people but their bonuses and special abilities make them an ideal choice for really any class. 

Unlike other 5e races, the Tabaxi is obsessed with history & ancient artifacts which means they’re usually Bards or Clerics. They also make adequate Fighters & Paladins. They’re superior predators, experts at stalking and hiding. But don’t think you can track them down!


The Kenku are one of the most rigorous 5e races to play. You’ll probably need some input & cooperation from your DM. But of course, the more experienced or simply adventurous players will enjoy the challenge

Interestingly, Kenkus doesn’t have a language, completely relying on mimicry for communication which can be a little awkward. They’re usually hidden from society, eclipsing themselves in sewers and alleys. Having one in your adventuring party may jeopardize your group’s reputation. But the racial bonuses might just be worth the trouble!


The Gith’s origin/homeland is the Astral Plane and other locations, though the origin of the race still remains unknown. They’re a playable race introduced in Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes thus have been around since 2018, the year the book was released. 

They were once enslaved by the mind flayers but revolted & escaped their clutches. The race is divided into two warring factions, the aggressive Githyanki warriors and the contemplative Githzerai. If you’re feeling a bit ambitious about role-playing, you can have some fun with the distinction. 

Tell us your favorite Dungeons and Dragons 5e races in the comments below!

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