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Have you been getting your quest on with your buddies? Have an eldritch blast with these relatable Dungeons and Dragons memes!

Get your hoard together for these Dungeon and Dragons memes

Dungeons & Dragons – the ultimate fantasy game you can treasure with your friends. Whether you’re literally on a quest to search for treasure or simply spending some quality time together slaying a dragon, playing D&D is definitely a worthwhile pastime

There are so many reasons why Dungeons & Dragons is a total (Eldritch) blast. It’s fun because you get to build an awesome character with killer stats, go on wild adventures with interesting twists & turns, and goof off with a unique party. 

And in every party, there is a plethora of inside jokes. Memes are the best way to share in D&D merriment behind the scenes. To all you mighty jesters – here are some of the best D&D memes you can find. 

Roleplay battle

Sometimes roleplaying is super fun – sometimes it’s not. Eventually you just want to show off your cool battle skillz. Who doesn’t love blasting enemies with fireballs or dicing them up with your battle axe? Diplomacy is overrated. 

Why must players torture the DM so?

It’s so frustrating when players just don’t go where you want them to as a Dungeon Master. You worked so hard on marvelous content and the players are just like, nah. 

Bloodbath plan

When all plans go awry, there’s only one thing to do. Slash everyone in your path to bits. Don’t worry – everyone does it. Who cares about morality and stuff?

Reap what you sow   

You may feel free when you play D&D – but remember that every world has rules. It’s the DM’s right to let consequences rain down on players who make wild choices. 

Wrong path

Listen to your DM’s descriptions carefully. Know when to turn around and try a different path. Please – for your DM’s sanity. 

Warlock angst

Gotta love when your party is hilariously diverse. Even if that means the characters are a mix of dark backstories & fluffy shenanigans. 

Love that lore

Why is it that players seem to forget all of the rich lore you present? Yet they remember the most insignificant details you came up with on the spot. 

Committing war crimes

Don’t pretend you’re an angel – you just beheaded a hoard of kobolds and set a town on fire so you could steal valuable items. When NPCs are finally terrible back, don’t be a hypocrite. 

Poison dinner party

First rule of D&D: never trust anyone. Second rule of D&D: have a high constitution score or be prepared to be knocked on your ass.

D&D time warp

Does anyone else notice that time doesn’t exist when playing D&D? It’s like you enter a neverending void. All that keeps you going is energy drinks & doritos. 

Natural 1 mercy

You know something is up when your nat 1 consequence turns out to be soft. The DM is always planning something way worse. 

Do these memes apply to your D&D party? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments.  

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