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Thankfully, 'Dead Like Me' can live and live again with the new Bingewatch Awards poll for Best Cancelled Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Show.

Let ‘Dead Like Me’ live again in the Bingewatch Awards

Rose held onto the Heart of the Ocean necklace in Titanic for longer than Dead Like Me has been off the air. It’s been 84-plus years, but we will never, ever, ever get over it. Dead Like Me was cancelled by Showtime after two death-filled seasons and given a film (Dead Like Me: Life After Death) that we all like to pretend didn’t happen before being dispatched to the graveyard of Bryan Fuller projects cancelled too soon. 

To be fair, Fuller left the show even faster than the show left Showtime. Fuller exited Dead Like Me after just five episodes due to what he described as a “traumatic experience dealing with the MGM TV Studio people”. adding it was “the worst type of gross old boy studio experience you could imagine.”

Fuller spoke with Media Village in 2005, one year after the show was cancelled, and added the show’s network wasn’t to blame for the show ending before its time. “Showtime was feeling the frustration as well. They weren’t satisfied with the storytelling on the show, and we were all frustrated with MGM. When Showtime cancelled the series, it was actually a bit of a relief.”

Obviously, that’s a bummer. But we still miss the show.

In the Fuller hierarchy of shows we want rescuitated and put back on air, Pushing Daisies is a clear number one, followed closely by Dead Like Me like a toilet hurtling out of the sky. (The rest of the list is dedicated to Wonderfalls and Hannibal.)

Thankfully, Dead Like Me can live and live again with the second Bingewatch Awards poll. In this round, the awards are dedicated to Best Cancelled Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Show.

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The nominations were a result from audience feedback through social media to honor shows that are gone and never, ever forgotten. Some might have been recently cancelled and are optimistic for a reprise (or another streaming platform for distribution). Others are ending and might not have been cancelled, but the fans still want more. 

Be sure to join the conversation and tweet at @FilmDailyNews to let us know your vote and any others we might have missed out on!

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