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How many videos does Billie Eilish already have from her new album "Happier Than Ever'? Check out our picks and see if more videos will come to YouTube.

Billie Eilish: Celebrate ‘Happier Than Ever’ with these music videos on YouTube

Billie Eilish’s YouTube channel is the perfect place to go to catch up with the newest music Videos for her Happier Than Ever album. Eilish’s album was released on July 30th, 2021, by Interscope Records & Darkroom. Her music fits in the dream pop category and is produced by her older brother, Finneas. 

Billie Eilish’s YouTube channel has always reflected how deep her love for music goes and as of late, her most recent music videos are reflecting her passion a lot more. 42.2 million YouTube users are subscribed to Eilish’s channel which means they’ve probably already checked out some of these incredible music videos. Here are the best ones to look out for right now.


Billie Eilish’s YouTube content wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the brand new music video for her song “NDA”. Typically when people think of NDAs, they think of nondisclosure agreements you must sign if you’re interacting with a celebrity, politician, or high profile individual.

In Billie Eilish’s YouTube video for this song, we watch the beautiful blonde stroll down an abandoned road in the middle of the night as cars swerve towards her from various directions. Watching the cars zoom past her so quickly, narrowly missing the singer, is a tad bit frightening – but the theme of Eilish’s videos often push the boundaries of what’s comfortable & easy to watch.

“Lost Cause”

Another interesting music video on Billie Eilish’s YouTube channel is the video for “Lost Cause”. In the video, she’s simply enjoying a sleepover with a group of her girlfriends. They’re drinking beers, cuddling up in bed, playing with silly string, playing twister, tearing up her closets, and posing seductively for the camera. 

Eilish and the rest of the girls in her video spend the majority of the video wearing neutral-colored pajama-style clothing indicating their level of comfort while hanging out at home together. They also do a few choreographed dance steps that might easily remind the younger crowd of popular TikTok routines.

“Your Power”

The official music video for “Your Power” by Billie Eilish features the talented singer in the canyon of a desert with a snake slithering around her body. Eilish looks absolutely stunning with her beautifully low eyes & bright blonde hair flowing in the wind throughout the course of the music video.

She spends a lot of time perched along the mountainside staring up into the sky with its rolling clouds & shining sun. Towards the end of the music video, we get to watch the snake begin slithering around her neck which doesn’t look like the safest thing ever, but it’s clearly the style Eilish was going for.

“Therefore I Am”

Billie Eilish’s music video for “Therefore I Am” already has over 175 million views on YouTube. The music video starts with Eilish walking up an escalator sporting her signature black & neon green hair she used to have before going bleach blonde. We watch her take a calm walk through an empty mall before turning around to face the camera breaking out into song. 

It’s fun to watch her bounce around from the mall’s pretzel shop to the mall’s elevator to get to the donut shop. She looks like she’s living her best life as a carefree young adult throughout this music video which is what makes it so comical & funny.

Billie Eilish’s other videos

Billie Eilish has also uploaded some live performances to her YouTube channel that don’t count as official music videos just yet. One of the biggest songs from her Happier Than Ever album fans are hoping she’ll make a music video for is called “My Future”. 

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