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'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' has managed to deliver one of our favorite impossible choices: Harvey vs Nick. Which team are you on?

Who is the best ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ ship, Harvey or Nick?

Love triangles can be a tried trope, it has to be done well to have any impact. Only potent when the choices are perfectly even in their appeal, it has to be a darn good love triangle to pull us all the way in. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has managed to deliver one of our favorite impossible choices: Harvey vs Nick. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn’t step lightly into love triangle territory. Everything about Sabrina’s (Kiernan Shipka) struggle between the mortal and the warlock makes perfect sense. Of course, she doesn’t know what she wants, her whole life is split in two. Additionally, both choices are dynamic, well-rounded characters, it’s way more complicated than that. 

Are you on the fence between Team Harvey and Team Nick? Us too. While we’re not ready for Sabrina to settle down with either choice, we love weighing the options.

Team Harvey

We have to lead with the original. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina begins with Sabrina madly in love with her mortal boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch). On the surface, Harvey is the cute boy-next-door type who is sweet and sensitive. Harvey is equally in love with Sabrina. He’s the good guy.

However, Chilling Adventures isn’t about a regular teenager. Sabrina is half-witch. It turns out that Harvey is the descendant of witch hunters and represents a potential threat to Sabrina and her coven. Did he just become the forbidden fruit?

But wait, there’s more. Here’s the point where the love triangle becomes interesting. Sabrina breaks up with Harvey to protect him. Because Chilling Adventures’ Sabrina is our witchy feminist badass, she sacrifices for Harvey, protecting him from the witch world and the Dark Lord. Even better, Harvey knows and he doesn’t like it. 

Team Nick

Once Chilling Adventures’ Sabrina has her dark baptism, she is required to attend the School of the Dark Arts. Her first ally is warlock Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood). Nick shows her around the school, defends her in front of the Wicked Sisters, and generally shows up for her as her life undergoes a massive reconstruction. He’s the good guy.

However, Sabrina isn’t just a witch, she is half-mortal. Nick is powerful, he wears all black, he’s always up for a party, and literally made a deal with Satan. Nick is dangerous for Sabrina, so maybe he’s the bad boy after all?

And yet, Chilling Adventures proves nothing is easy. Nick aligns with Sabrina in many ways that count: he’s smart, he shares Sabrina’s progressive viewpoints on witch politics, and he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her. 

Team Roz?

One of our frustrations with love triangles is that they always seem to follow the same format. In the predictable world, one of the triangles will move on with a partner that is patently wrong for them. In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that is solidly not the case.

When Harvey tires of Sabrina’s struggle between loving him and protecting him, he is thrown deep into his budding infatuation with none other than Sabrina’s bestie, Roz (Jaz Sinclair).

Harvey and Roz are lovely together. Their friendship grew into a relationship in a natural way, and they have real chemistry. Roz and Harvey are partners, with an equal balance of power, something that wasn’t as easy in Chilling Adventures for Sabrina and Harvey.

More than a triangle, or even a square

The decisions that Chilling Adventures forces Sabrina to make are bigger than just which boy should be her boyfriend next. She is struggling to balance two worlds and to hold onto a part of her life she really enjoyed while stepping into an exciting new chapter. 

While there is a lot for Sabrina to figure out beyond who to make out with next in part 3, we are anxiously waiting to see what’s next in her shapeshifting love life.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, part 3 premiers on Netflix on January 24th, 2020. You still have plenty of time to re-watch parts 1 and 2.

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