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Amy & Tammy Slaton are two Southern sisters from TLC's '1000-lb Sisters'. What are the sisters up to now?

TLC’s ‘1000-lb Sisters’: Where are the larger-than-life sisters now?

TLC used to be known as The Learning Channel. Now, it’s known for trotting out “human-interest” stories. Some of these are about families so large, you’d expect them to live in a shoe. Others are about hoarders or people with unusual addictions. One popular show follows two morbidly obese sisters and their weight loss journeys called 1000lb Sisters

Amy & Tammy Slaton are two Southern sisters who together weighed over half a ton when the pilot aired, hence the TLC show’s name. 1000lb Sisters documents their struggles with weight. In the first two seasons, the Slaton sisters tried to lose weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. However, only Amy qualified, leading to an explosive fight in the season 1 finale. 

Now, Amy has lost weight and during season 2, became pregnant with her son against her doctor’s advice. She delivered her son Gage via C-section in the season 2 finale of 1000lb Sisters. Reportedly, she’s lost more weight now, but her sister Tammy is struggling not to gain it. Read on to see what the Slaton Sisters are up to now, and what 1000lb Sisters season 3 could bring. 

Tammy Slaton’s woes

Tammy hasn’t been doing great now. She’s recently appeared in headlines for allegedly lying about her missing teeth and reportedly assaulting a nurse. 

Tammy Slaton is known for her salty disposition and fiery side. However, many fans interpret her sass as anger & jealousy. Take the season 1 finale. When Tammy is rejected for weight loss surgery and Amy is scheduled to go, Tammy appears to lash out at her sister on the car ride home. However, at the end of the episode, it’s revealed Tammy is concerned for her sister’s safety as she goes through a potentially dangerous procedure. 

Now, Tammy Slaton’s IRL behavior is making headlines. On the same day, Soapdirt reported the 1000lb Sisters star hit a nurse and lied about her front teeth.

If you’re familiar with the show, you know Tammy Slaton is conscious about her appearance, particularly her missing front teeth. In a previous interview, Slaton detailed she lost her front teeth when she was younger, claiming she went to an oral hygenist, but fixing her teeth wasn’t her top priority. However, two new pictures emerged of a teenage Tammy Slaton with all of her teeth intact. 

It’s unclear how Tammy lost her teeth now, but on 1000lb Sisters, she revealed she only brushes her teeth twice a week during what was reportedly her first trip to the dentist in quite a while. Someone on an Instagram fan page commented: “I love Tammy from #1000poundsisters but sheesh what??” 🤮

Hitting a nurse

Now, Tammy Slaton is staying at an assisted living facility, and the 1000lb Sisters star has been accused of assaulting a nurse who worked there. Further, Soapdish reported she’s having a relationship with a security guard there per associates at the facility. Soapdish didn’t elaborate on the accusations, rather, they pointed to incidents on 1000lb Sisters season 2 leading up to her placement in the facility. 

During 1000lb Sisters season 2, fans gave Tammy flack for calling Amy’s son Gage a “piglet” after enthusiastically taking his bottle. The final straw was when Amy reported Tammy had eaten thirty pre-planned meals in two days. Doctors also told the Slaton family that Tammy had, at most, five more years to live due to her weight. During the season 2 finale, Tammy admits she needs help and agrees to go into a care facility. 

It was also revealed that Tammy contracted COVID-19 last year. 


Amy Slaton & season 3

After Amy Slaton’s pregnancy, Slaton told People she doesn’t “get as many hate comments as I did, about a year ago.” Through 1000 lb Sisters, Amy Slaton loses over 100 lbs and gives birth to her son, Gage. 

Amy adjusting to life as a new mom now and Tammy’s new life in the assisted living facility could be enticing plot points for fans in 1000lb Sisters season 3. However, there are no stated plans from TLC to renew the show for new seasons. Tammy, who’s active on social media, told her fans that even if season 3 was in the works, she may not be able to talk about it due to her contract. 

Meanwhile, fans have a petition out now to renew 1000lb Sisters for two more seasons. “There’s an overwhelmingly huge fan base for Amy & Tammy Slaton on 1000-Lb Sisters and we want to secure seasons 3 & 4 to be renewed ASAP. We also would like to see a bigger budget for the show. This is a lot of people’s favorite show on television and we are concerned about renewal”, the survey read. 

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