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'Younger' creator Darren Star stated that he was “unofficially planning season 7 as a final season”. Here's what you need to know.

Why is TV Land cutting the cord on ‘Younger’ after season 7?

Stealthy evil villain, COVID-19, continues to prey upon our beloved entertainment this time making Liza Miller’s Younger its latest victim. Younger creator Darren Star stated that he was “unofficially planning season 7 as a final season”. 

Corona Virus – 1, TV production – 0

Younger has been off air since September 2019; when the TV Land series was about to go into production in New York City for the seventh season, COVID-19 hit and production was paused. After nearly a year, production on the show is set to begin soon. However, Star is contemplating how to integrate the coronavirus crisis into the story.

“A lot of episodes were written before the pandemic”, Star stated. Plus, “The action of Younger sort of picks up where the last season left off, which was before the pandemic. But I do think we’re looking forward to incorporating it into the action as the season progresses.”

Viewers were introduced to Liza Miller in 2015 when Younger first premiered; Liza is a suburban single mother who lands her dream job by pretending to be a millennial. The series stars Miriam Shor, Nico Tortorella, Debi Mazar, Charles Michael Davis and Molly Kate Bernard. Sadly, Liza has only one more chapter to share with us. 

Let’s play catch-up

Since it’s been almost a year since season 6 premiered, let’s try to catch you up with what all went down last season: Liza, played by Sutton Foster, was left in a romantic mess after Charles, played by Peter Hermann, spontaneously proposed to her at Diana’s wedding reception. At the same time, Liza had been considering a possible reconciliation with her ex, Josh, played by Nico Torterella. 

Star revealed “The action of Younger sort of picks up where last season left off”; however, his “sort of” suggests that there may be some plot holes since many of the episode scripts were completed before the pandemic. 

Thus, the fictional world of Younger won’t mirror real life when it comes to the pandemic. There’s still hope as Star stated, “But I do think we’re looking forward to incorporating it into the action as the season progresses”.

If Younger decides to end its series with season 7 we might see if Liza accepts Charles’s proposal or if she resolves her feelings with her ex, Josh. We will have to wait and see! 

Every end has a new beginning

Before you frown & groan that Younger may be coming to an end, there may be hope. If the series ends with season 7, the world of Younger will continue on. Star confirmed that a spinoff is in the works that will center on Hillary Duff’s character Kelsey Peters, a friend of Liza’s.

During a press junket ahead of the Season 6 premiere last year, Duff stated, “Truthfully, this is the first season Kelsey is struggling and feeling really insecure,” adding, “That’s a theme throughout the season, her feeling that she’s not enough and that she’s been set up to fail. She’s a fighter but this might be beyond what she can handle.” 

During season 6, Kelsey stepped into Charles’s shoes as publisher and inevitably handed the title back to him to appease a big client. Could the new spinoff expand on this plot? For now, let’s wait for season 7 of Younger to premiere!

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