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Did everyone’s brains shrink by 20% this year? Well, it feels like it, especially, when you read these crazy quotes from Twitter in 2020.

The year in tweets: Relive this trash-fire year with these Twitter quotes

Did everyone’s brains shrink by 20% this year? No? Well, it feels like it, especially, when you witness the crazy quotes from Twitter in 2020. Tweets taken directly from the social media site perfectly sum up exactly how we all feel in this never-ending year.

Want a recap of this messy year? Let’s rewind and focus on these messy Twitter quotes.

The 2020 mascot

If any animal represents the mess that 2020 caused then this is it. Don’t leave your goat unattended! 🐐

Work, work, work

Everything has stood still this year after numerous lockdowns and many people having to dust off their computers and work from home. This Twitter quote perfectly sums up our mentality for work this year . . . “disguise the limit”.

Gift of life

Quarantine babies have been sprouting up left and right. Can’t say we blame people since we’re all stuck at home, but nineteen months? That’s how long this year feels plus an additional few centuries thrown in. At least they spelled pregnancy right. 

Upon a star

Did you get a chance to see the Christmas star last night? ⭐️ What about the “meatier” shower? Vegans look no further . . . meat is raining down from the heavens this year and we’re not surprised! 

Dumpster fire

A tribute to the trash that’s been hurled our way in 2020. This quote from 2020 truly captures what this year is all about. 

Handy sanitizer 

Protests have become a huge part of 2020. Fighting for human rights just got even safer with this handy hand gel perfect for scrubbing away those COVID germs. Stay safe out there!

Understatement of the year

The Office’s Michael Scott continues to be a mood even in 2020. The whole year has been one long rough patch for so many out there. You’re not alone. Continue being the legends you are even if things seem bleak. 

Don’t do it!

Don’t eat Tide pods. Don’t drink bleach! 🛑 Heard a whacky coronavirus cure online via a Karen wannabe? Does it involve ingesting cleaning products? If you answered yes to any of the above then chances are this cure is not for human consumption. 

Call the insurance company

It’s like we all walked under one big ladder while walking past 10 million black cats. How can our luck get any worse? Giant mudslides taking our homes into the sea. It’s not like we needed them or anything . . . . 

2020 Tarzan

Have we all turned into Tarzan swinging from one scandal to the next? Permanently scarred with 2020 drama and it looks like things aren’t slowing down. Wish us luck for 2021!

What has stood out for you this year? Anything that’s made your 2020 better? Let us know your thoughts.

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